Could Sly’s Return Be Revealed At PAX South 2019? Well since the Playstation Fiesta Bowl earlier this month, which Sony made sure to put Sly into anything related to Fiesta Bowl. But a few more theories started up, involving Sly at the Fiesta Bowl. One of which includes Sly & Ratchet being possible PS Exclusive characters in CTR:NF. Since all 3-mascot suits appeared [...]


Jak & Daxter Collection Coming To Physical For PS4 With Standard & Collectors Editions/ Jak 4 Hint?

So the Jak & Daxter PS2 Classics Collection that just got released for PS4 recently is getting the physical game treatment. Naughty Dog, Sony and Limited Run Games have joined together to bring one of the best video game franchises and including them in some great collectors editions. The first of the collection will be [...]

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Dino Mines Gameplay Including Agent 9’s Section, More Fireworks Factory Screenshots

So earlier today we got Dino Mines footage, Agent 9 gameplay and new screenshots of Fireworks Factory from the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. All thanks to Canadian Guy Eh, revealing these earlier today.   Now there are some noticeable differences between the original and Reignited versions. The first major change was the size of the T-Rex's [...]