RUMOR: The Jak & Daxter Trilogy Is Getting Remade / Re-Imagined As A Launch Title For The PS5!? Hi everyone, sorry for not posting anything for the past month here on the blog. But we're back! This time with some Jak & Daxter! More specifically a rumor that the Original Trilogy of games would be basically Re-Imagined (like R&C) as a launch title for the PS5 by Bluepoint Games. Who remastered &... Continue Reading →

Crash Bandicoot 2020: New Leak Suggesting It’s A PS5 Launch Title!? A new leak has suggested that the next Crash Bandicoot game could very well be a PS5 Launch title! And perhaps a cross-gen title on the PS4 as well perhaps. Below is the translated Tweet by the Brazillian leaker, Guru. Also be sure to stay tuned to Canadian Guy Eh's channel for more... Continue Reading →

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