Sonic The Hedgehog: Should Infinite Return? So you guys remember Infinite right? You know, the Sonic character that was introduced a little over 2-years ago in Sonic Forces. Anyways, should he return to the series? In my opinion, I would say, Yes! Mainly because his designs, powers, voice & personality was done pretty well. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as... Continue Reading →

Sonic Boom Season 3 & Sly Cooper TV Series: When Will We See Any News or Updates? Mipjunior 2018 Perhaps So I'm sure many of you may be wondering what's going on with the Sly Cooper TV Show and Sonic Boom's 3rd season. Now the answer to that is very uncertain, so today I'll be trying to predict when we might see something for both shows. I also posted my video above for further... Continue Reading →

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