Sonic The Hedgehog: Should Solo Spin-Off Games Return? More Sonic Solo spin-off games. Would they be a good idea to bring back? Let's take a look! Yeah, I know the 1st game to come to mind when hearing that was most likely Shadow The Hedgehog. But the thing is, there are actually 3-other solo spin-off games in the Sonic franchise. In 1993... Continue Reading →

Team Sonic Racing: Solo & Custom Teams/ Spyro Reignited Trilogy: E10+ Rating & First Look at Bubba

So as many of you probably already know about Team Sonic Racing's Custom Racing gameplay.  Well, I'm going to cover that right now so without further ado lets get started. So apparently Sumo Digital went all out on the racing options in this game. You can use Team based gameplay, solo races (like with previous... Continue Reading →

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