(Theory) When Could The Playstation 5 Be Fully Revealed? During A State of Play?

https://youtu.be/7QjeFkPkb1o So today we'll be taking a look at the PS5. Why specifically the PS5 you might ask? Well it's because there have been tons of rumors popping up faster than Sonic himself relating to the PS5's games, pricing, how it compares to the Xbox Series X. But what I want to focus on is,... Continue Reading →

Rumor: Sonic Adventure Is Being Remade!?

https://youtu.be/y82dXQ8l6f4 Oh yeah, this is happening! Oh wait, I said it too early. So as you've likely noticed, the video gaming industry has been releasing remakes left & right since Crash & Spyro have paved the way for more games to be remade. Now it seems like it could very well be the Blue Blur's... Continue Reading →

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