Crash Bandicoot Mobile: New Info, Multiverse?! + Glimpse Into The Next Console Game? More details & images have surfaced for the recently leaked Crash Mobile game after my last post. It's nothing relating to the microtransactions or a release date as that's still unknown. But it's Not too far out there to say that it could release between the reveal & launch of the next console Crash... Continue Reading →

Was A New Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game Leaked!? A brand new mobile Crash Bandicoot game has just been leaked! And here is our 1st look at the game! From the looks of it it appears to be an endless runner style game with elements from the series like Wumpa Fruit, Aku Aku masks, TNT crates, characters & of course Crash.....whaaat!? Oh my... Continue Reading →

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