Garfield is Coming To Nick All-Star Brawl Tomorrow! Everyone's favorite lasagna-loving, Monday hating feline is heading to Nick All-Star Brawl tomorrow! And he's voiced by Chris Pratt! (Okay, not really, seeing as the game doesn't have voice acting yet) The announcement came way of IGN, as the recently datamined character (with a look at his stage). Becomes the games 1st DLC fighter,... Continue Reading →

Nick All-Star Brawl: New Fighter to Be Announced This Tuesday! After yesterday's Free DLC costume drop for Nick All-Star Brawl happened. Which adds 20-new costumes to the game (1-per character), making things a bit easier to tell who's who if multiple players are playing as the same characters. It seems that Ludosity have started rolling out the DLC train. As earlier today, it's been... Continue Reading →

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