Jak 3 Limited Run Physical PS4 Edition Plus Extras Revealed!

https://twitter.com/LimitedRunGames/status/1121097321612304384 It's that time again for the Jak & Daxter physical edition releases on PS4. This time for Jak 3. But it'll cost a little more than the previous 2-games. There will be 3,500 CE copies which expect to be shipped by July 2019. And 7,500 Standard Editions are expected to ship by May 2019... Continue Reading →

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Nitros Oxide Edition Contents, Crunch & More Revealed!

https://youtu.be/QFzRoB4ZCu4 Note: I included the above video after this articles posting as a recap. https://twitter.com/CrashBandicoot/status/1121081364776808448 https://twitter.com/CrashBandicoot/status/1121066052538916864 So a lot of CTR:NF reveals have happened in the past 24-hours. 1st off is the full final cover art, which I covered the leaked version yesterday. Which looks even more amazing. Then there's the contents of the Nitros... Continue Reading →

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