Sonic The Hedgehog Movie: Marketing Blitz! New TV Spots, Clips, Theme & More! The Sonic Movie marketing is in full swing. With theatre concessions, a new Sonic mascot suit, even a mural the size of a dang building! Former Sonic VA, Jason Griffith next to a Sonic Movie ad, okay that's pretty cool. But I'm seeing all of this & realized... they really missed some opportunities... Continue Reading →

Sonic The Hedgehog: Should Infinite Return? So you guys remember Infinite right? You know, the Sonic character that was introduced a little over 2-years ago in Sonic Forces. Anyways, should he return to the series? In my opinion, I would say, Yes! Mainly because his designs, powers, voice & personality was done pretty well. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as... Continue Reading →

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie: 2nd Trailer Released! Here it is everyone! The all-new Sonic Movie trailer is here! Actually, make that 2-trailers, as the UK version has additional footage! As expected, Sonic looks far better than the previous design that we got. Even the film itself looks better than the 1st trailer implied. Even spreading lots of references &... Continue Reading →

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