Crash Bandicoot 2020 RUMOR: Wrath Of Cortex Remake!? / New PvP Crash Game!? It's another day, & with it comes yet another rumor to add to the pile of existing rumors. But this one really just left me & other Crash community members very confused. As the said rumor, comes from the YouTube channel, Gaming Revolution. Which has nearly 300K Subscribers & mainly covers Call of Duty... Continue Reading →

Crash Bandicoot 4: Recent Rumors & Leaks, The Game Awards 2019 & Cortex Playable?! New leaks & rumors for the upcoming new Crash Bandicoot game, assumingly called Crash 4. Be sure to check out the video for in-depth details. I will leave the leaker's Tweets here for you to see in their entirety. The leakers being Sabi (known for Nintendo related leaks) & ViewerAnon (known for film leaks... Continue Reading →

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