Spongebob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated: New Footage From PAX East + Analysis!

https://youtu.be/dcfhjxTQA84 Well PAX East took place over the weekend & with it, came a new demo for Spongebob Rehydrated. Yes, it's Jellyfish Fields again. But this time it's an updated build compared to the Gamescom demo from August. Which was the exact same demo build at PAX East 2020, while the current build your seeing... Continue Reading →

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled: New Season 7, Rustland Grand Prix Datamine Discoveries!

https://youtu.be/JbxfEdJIRpg *Article updated with video & new datamine info! It's that time again for some more Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Grand Prix Datamines! This time for the next GP for January, Rustland! Once again found by Crash dataminer, BetaM! Without further ado, let's begin! Now as usual, I'll be starting with the new characters... Continue Reading →

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie: Film Tie-In Video Game Coming? The Game Awards 2019?!

https://youtu.be/EnDdVkjwkP8 https://twitter.com/SSF1991/status/1203823110320984070?s=20 Well, it looks like the host of The Game Awards 2019 may have just teased Sonic The Hedgehog's appearance at the event. In a Q&A session on Periscope, TGA host, Geoff Keighley responded to a question regarding Sonic's 30th anniversary. Well he directly mentions the film & that Sonic could appear at the... Continue Reading →

Crash Bandicoot: New Teases At A New Game Reveal Next Week!?

https://youtu.be/eB6NJHxiVrA Well the Activision teases for the new Crash Bandicoot game have returned. Again, following the same pattern talked about previously. With Spyro getting purple egg teases before it was revealed, then dice & Christmas cookies before Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled's reveal at The Game Awards last year. https://twitter.com/Canadianguyehh/status/1203168135806955521?s=20 Well thanks to some investigating... Continue Reading →

New Playstation State Of Play Set For Next Tuesday, New Crash Revealed There Instead? + Predictions

https://youtu.be/Ip3Zwuo1WX0 A brand new Playstation State of Play revealed & is set to begin next Tuesday, December 10th at 6 AM Pacific time & 9 AM EST. Earlier than the past few State of Play's. https://twitter.com/PlayStation/status/1202936041113604096?s=20 What could be revealed there is literally anyone's guess? My hopes; Ratchet & Clank (post Into The Nexus), Sly... Continue Reading →

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