Crash Bandicoot 2020 RUMOR: Wrath Of Cortex Remake!? / New PvP Crash Game!?

It’s another day, & with it comes yet another rumor to add to the pile of existing rumors. But this one really just left me & other Crash community members very confused.
As the said rumor, comes from the YouTube channel, Gaming Revolution. Which has nearly 300K Subscribers & mainly covers Call of Duty related leaks. Well on Twitter, back on March 12th, they were doing just that. But what they listed were games that were suppossedly currently in the works by Activision & outside of CoD, the list included; Tony Hawk Proskater Remastered. Just a reminder during the previous Activision Quarterly Call, they stated that more remasters in their IP library were coming. So that appears to be accurate.

But what was more interesting is that the list included, Not 1, but 2 Crash Bandicoot games. A PvP Crash game & a remaster for The Wrath of Cortex, which is technically Crash 4. What!? Another remake/remaster!?

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Okay, I’m going to get this part out of the way 1st then come back to the PvP Crash game here in a minute.

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Now look, I’ve played The Wrath of Cortex and while I think it’s a good Crash game. Actually it was my 1st Crash game, it doesn’t come close to how good the original or the N-Sane trilogy was. Which..likely explains the mixed reactions to Wrath of Cortex despite really good sales on the 3-respective platforms at the time. Think a Crash 3 Warped clone, but not as good.

Image result for ratchet and clank ps4
Now if this was sort of a Re-Imagining & Not a remake/remaster like say Ratchet & Clank 2016. Then maaaybe it could be possible. But Vicarious Visions taking 3-years from N-Sane’s release just to remake or remaster Wrath of Cortex, when it took them less time like around 2-years to do the N-Sane Trilogy. I’m just Not seeing it.

Which brings to question if this rumor is even true. And the likely No! Buut Gaming Revolution updated on that statement afterward & said “I think I jumped the gun on the WoC remaster and it *may* actually be a new Crash 4 installment.” And according to other previous leakers Viewer Anon & Sabi, both of them leaking something similar. By saying that there’ll be masks with special abilities & that Cortex would be playable. Neither element exists in WoC.

Then another leaker known as Zippo, stated that the next Crash Bandicoot game will be a new game & that that leak saying it was a remaster of Wrath of Cortex to be fake. Referring to Gaming Revolution’s Tweet, which has since been updated. Zippo also said that they wouldn’t be shocked it it wasn’t going to be a launch title, again this has been a very plausible point for quite some time. Given that the PS5 & the Xbox Series are coming this year.

Image result for ps5 xbox series x
I should also mention that in Activision’s most recent Quarterly call, they were interested in innovating both the Crash & Spyro IP’s beyond remasters. So there we go.

Image result for crash spyro bundle
Zippo also said that the design that we see in the leaked mobile game will be Crash’s new design in the 2020 game. Now I’ve been thinking that this would be the case given that Crash looks to have more of a Spyro Reignited, Unreal Engine look & feel. I did talk about the mobile game design being a glimpse into the next game in another recent article.

Now what about the whole PvP Crash game? According to Gaming Revolution, the game is still in it’s very early days & it’ll release in 2021 on console, PC & mobile. Okay hold the phone, how could that be!? Considering both current Crash games & Spyro Reignited are Not on all 3 of those platforms, then what is this supposed to be? Well, PvP stands for Player VS. Player.

Image result for crash team racing nitro fueled

Okay, that’s what CTR:NF was. And a reasonable assumption is that this could be the next Crash racing game or it’s a Crash Bash remake/remaster, which is a beehive that I don’t want to get into.

Image result for crash bash
On top of this, this’ll be in 2021. The very year that everyone’s expecting the next Spyro game to release. And..well, I’m not sure if that’s what Activision really wants to do is overlap releases in 1-year as opposed to alternating releases of both series between years.

Image result for crash spyro bundle
I don’t know, but one things for sure. A new Crash game is coming most likely this year with the VA’s already doing voice work for it. Which’ll most likely be for the next gen consoles. And what it will bring with it, we’ll just have to wait & see.

So what do you guys think of thse new Crash rumors? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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