Sly Cooper: Sanzaru Games Acquired By Facebook & Oculus!? What Now?

Well I’ve got some rather..depressing news regarding the Sly Cooper series. So a few days ago, Sanzaru Games, the studio that was responsible for porting the OG Sly trilogy over to the PS3 & Vita. Developing Sly 4 Thieves in Time, the Sonic Boom 3DS games & assisting with the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

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Well, they’ve been acquired by Facebook, as part of Oculus Studios. Which, as you may know, primarily consists of VR games. Something that Sanzaru Games has been very familiar with, seeing as they have released 4-VR games since 2016. The most recent one being Asgard’s Wrath, which has been getting a lot of positive reception from what I’ve heard.

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Now what does this have to do with Sly Cooper you might ask? Well it comes down to this, Sly 5 coming from Sanzaru despite that news from back in December about the cut Egypt DLC for Sly 4. The chances are looking very slim at this point. As Sanzaru is now under Facebook, meaning they’re primary & likely only focus at this moment is entirely VR. Going by how it’s worded on Oculus’s blog post. Imagine what Sony would have to go through just to have Sanzaru do Sly 5.

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A solution would be to have another studio develop Sly 5 or remaster all 4-games in 1-bundle. To get everyone caught up on the story & build up interest for Sly 5. Whether or not a new developer would have access to Sanzaru’s Cut DLC Episode we’re unsure.

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But even though Sanzaru may Not be a part of the Sly Cooper franchise anymore. That doesn’t mean Sony isn’t interested in bringing the series back. I mean, they announced the film a year after Sly 4 released, then a TV Show 3-years later. It’s obvious they haven’t abandoned the series, it’s just seems that they keep to run into problems whenever it involves Sly and a certain other franchise. Like come on, he’s already got it rough enough by being stuck in Egypt for over 7-years.

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Besides the point, Sony also knows that there’s still interest in the Sly Cooper franchise. Just look at all the articles that started popping up left & right, all over the internet. About Sly Cooper when Sanzaru’s Mat Kraemer revealed that there was going to be a cut Egypt DLC to finish the story. However, possibly due to sales, that never happened.

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So what happens to the Sly Cooper series at this point? Well we still got the TV Show coming at who knows when in the future. When it eventually arrives, I’m sure that Sony will have another game ready to release alongside it. Most likely on the PS5. Just like with the R&C Movie/PS4 Re-Imagining by Insomniac Games.

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And speaking of Insomniac Games, they themselves were aquired by Sony a few months back. What this means is that their primary & likely only focus is on PS IP’s like Spider-Man & Ratchet & Clank. If they chose to make another game instead, then it’d likely be PS Exclusive. Not so much for other platforms like they used to before the aquisition. Same with Sanzaru now that their under Facebook & Oculus.

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In short, I believe that the Sly Cooper series has once again been “delayed”. I know, probably Not the word you guys wanted to hear. But that just seems to have been the case with Sly Cooper over the years. And hopefully the dry season ends soon enough.

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But I do have 1-more question to ask before ending this discussion. Who could be developing the next Sly Cooper game, whether that’ll be a remastered/remade collection or Sly 5? Well, it could possibly be BluePoint Games. Why do I believe this? Well it’s because the studo is practically known for remasters & remakes of PS IP’s. Just look at the Shadow of the Collossus remake, it was a PS4 exclusive.

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Now it’s been floating around for a couple of years that BluePoint’s working on another remake. What that is we have no idea. But there was a rumor back in late 2018 about a remade Sly trilogy in the works. (OG post no longer exists) Just a rumor, nothings came of that just yet.

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So naturally, us in the Sly Cooper community thought it could be BluePoint. Since they kinda teased their next project around the same time. Also, a few months ago, BluePoint Games posted a job listing on their site that stated that their working on a remaster for the “most advance home consoles”. Implying the PS5.

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And that “The person for the job will be responsible for integrating “next-gen material techniques,” and creating “high-quality next-generation effects & models inspired by lower-resolution geometry.”

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That last part I happen to find very interesting. Given the lower geometry that the 1st 3 Sly Cooper games had, I’m not saying that Sly is their next project as it could easily be anything else. But seeing as the studio seems to only handle PS IP’s & assisted with the PS Vita port of PS All-Stars Battle Royale, which did feature Sly Cooper. It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

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So what do you guys think of this? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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