Spyro The Dragon: Who Is The Sorcerer? + Next Game Theory

So I was in the middle of working on another Spyro project when I came across this guy over on the Spyro Wiki, known as The Sorcerer.

The Sorcerer2
Who is this mysterious character & could he or should he return in the next Spyro game? Well, that is something I intend on looking into today, so let’s get started!

The Sorcerer was a character that was introduced into the Spyro franchise 15-years ago. In the 2005 Nintendo DS game, Spyro: Shadow Legacy. Not much is exactly known about this guy outside of having the strength of a mountain & extremely powerful dark magic at his disposal. Capable of putting other characters under his control, like Red, who was the main villain of the previous game, A Hero’s Tail.

Spyro Red.png
The Sorcerer, also called the Stranger, no idea why. Also created the Shadow Amplifiers, which caused something called “the Calamity” that trapped various characters & realms in a place called “The Shadow Realm”. Wherein the life energy is basically being sucked dry in this black & white version of the normal worlds.

The creatures that live here are known as “Shadow Minions” and they all serve The Sorcerer.

Image result for spyro reignited sorceress
Now before I go any further, I just want to clarify that the Sorcerer & the Sorceress have Nothing to do with each other whatsoever. Outside of having a powerful sceptor, which for some reason seems to have a similar gem that Ripto wears around his neck….Interesting.

Image result for spyro reignited ripto
Now should or could this guy return in the next Spyro game in the Reignited universe? I say, Yes! And Here’s why.

Image result for spyro reignited gnasty gnorc
One of the reasons being that The Sorcerer would fit the theme of the other main villains in the Reignited Trilogy. He’s got the weapon, the power & of course an army.

Image result for legend of spyro trilogy
2nd reason being that this guy could be a way of bringing over ideas from The Legend of Spyro trilogy without being overly dark. What I mean by this is that The Sorcerer is a purple dragon like Spyro and another character, known as Malefor.

Image result for legend of spyro malefor

And fun fact, Malefor’s design was actually inspired by The Sorcerer’s dragon transformation in Shadow Legacy. Which was created by the same story team behind The Legend series. Actually, the character himself is basically where they got the idea for The Legend series to begin with. Because of the purple dragons being special, yet a very rare type of dragon.

So this guy was basically the classic version of Malefor, seeing as this was the last game in the “Classic” timeline before moving onto Legend, then Skylanders & now Reignited. And this actually ties into an article I made back in September 2019, talking about whether or notCynder could or should appear in the next game set in the Reignited universe.

Cynder Spyro 4.jpg
If you haven’t seen that article, here’s a quick summary of this one point I made. Whenever Cynder appears in anything, whether that’s the games, Skylanders Academy TV show or comics. Malefor has always been a part of her backstory and this is what I seen as an issue about bringing Cynder to the Reignited series because the series could be drifting closer to Legend’s tone. And that is definitely Not the tone for the Reignited universe.

Image result for spyro reignited
So I suggested swapping out Malefor with another villain to accompany Cynder’s backstory instead, as to avoid that issue. At the time I was implying a new villain entirely, but why not use the character that both already exists & inspired Malefor to begin with? Who just so happens to be a purple dragon too.

Image result for legend of spyro cynder
As for Cynder’s corruption though. How would that work in the Reignited universe? If they even decided to do that or go with Skylanders Academy’s no corruption route. Because we seen at 2-points in the Legend series how it affected her appearance. The 1st was vast differences in sizes & proportions, while the other is basically like Dark Spyro.

Image result for legend of spyro dark cynder
Well here’s the thing. When The Sorcerer corrupts someone, like Red. Their appearance doesn’t change whatsoever, they just do his bidding. And if they go with the Purple varient of Cynder that Nickolas Kole did. Then wouldn’t that take away from the whole purple dragons being rare, yet special thing?

As a workaround for that, Cynder could naturally be a black dragon, like the black varient Nickolas Kole also did. As well as that little easter egg in Reignited.

Image result for spyro reignited cynder easter egg

And the corruption would alter her natural color perhaps permanently. Resulting in Purple. If this is starting to sound familiar, it’s because this was a similar concept to what we seen used in the 3rd season of Skylanders Academy.

Image result for skylanders academy dark spyro
Where Spyro basically had his light energy zapped, leaving behind Dark Spyro. With a Darker color scheme that looks like it came from The Shadow Realm. That’s how I could see Cynder working similarly within the Reignited universe if The Sorcerer was brought back.

But what about Dark Spyro? After all we have the Skylanders Academy color scheme in Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled as the skin for Dark Spyro. Again, I can’t help but think that this is a tease rather than a simple recolored skin.

Image result for dark spyro crash team racing
If The Sorcerer was to come back, then what’s to stop him from creating a Dark Version of Spyro? After all he does claim in-game that he’s “A dragon wielding magic powerful enough to bend reality itself to his will.”

Going by that statement alone. It could be assumed that he created the Shadow Realm, which is a mirrored version of Spyro’s world. And the Shadow Minions within, to serve him. If that is the case, then I can see no problem with Dark Spyro being introduced by this character.

Image result for legend of spyro dark spyro
After all, Dark Spyro is darkness. Why? Because of Dark Aether or lack of light. Shadows are darkness, The Sorcerer uses powerful dark magic. Starting to make sense now?
So basically there’s a lot of potential that this guy can bring to the Reignited universe. While incorporating themes from the Legend of Spyro Trilogy, but avoiding the issues of those games & keeping to Reignited’s tone. A slightly deeper, darker villain than the past 3, but not as deep or dark as Malefor.

And with CTR bringing back pretty much every character from Crash’s history, including post Naughty Dog characters, while creating entirely new characters. Then I can definitely see this guy coming back, along with other post Insomniac Spyro Game characters as well.

So what do you guys think of this? Think The Sorcerer Should return in the next game? Or should he stay in the Shadow Realm? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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