Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled: Season 8 Datamines + New Mystery Character!?

It’s that time again for more Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled datamine finds by none other than BetaM & COGMONKEY! Let’s check out what was discovered this time!

CTRNF Datamine S8

So the new track will apparently be called “Toxic”. Well not much can be gathered about that, but if we look at the stickers part of this datamine which includes;

We have some strange looking pizza hamburger things that look like knock-off Disney animations, a Koala Kong emblem & a spaceship. Possibly suggesting that we’ll be getting a space themed GP, perhaps even Oxide’s home planet.

The next GP will apparently only feature 1-new racer just like this GP. Their codenamed “DriverJoe”. This is Not to be confised with Komodo Joe as he’s already in the games roster.

But who is “DriverJoe”? Well I have a theory that this is Fake Velo. I believe this to be the case because Fake Velo has already appeared a few times in Nitro-Fueled. But also the above stickers seem to suggest that with his emblem & character portrait.

Another character codenamed “WhoAmI” that we learned about during last month’s datamine, was switched to “WhoCouldIBe”. They are fully aware of these datamines.

New Legendary character skins included next month (Poor Geary misses out again);

Nitro Squad


King Chicken

Koala Kong

Nitros Brio



CTRNF GP S8 Datamine

We learned of 3-additional karts, nothing really much here. But there’s a 4th promo kart listed in the datamine, (which you can see below) called Xfinity or Xfinity Blitz.


And that’s pretty much it besides the wheels being called “BAP”. Not really sure how it helps identify the GP type as Rustland’s were a bit easier to tell since they were called “Mad” initially.

So what do you guys think about this? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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