Sonic The Hedgehog: Should Infinite Return?

So you guys remember Infinite right? You know, the Sonic character that was introduced a little over 2-years ago in Sonic Forces.

Anyways, should he return to the series? In my opinion, I would say, Yes! Mainly because his designs, powers, voice & personality was done pretty well.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as my that. As there are many factors to take into consideration like; character reception, game sales & of course Sega’s ultimate decision to bring him back or not.

Well from what I can gather, the community has varying opinions on Infinite. Some fans like Infinite, some don’t. While others have mixed feelings about Infinite.

Primary criticisms, being a wasted opportunity for the series and his backstory in Episode Shadow. Now I can agree that Infinite’s character is a little bit under developed, specifically the extent of his powers. don’t get me wrong, their impressive with being able to create hazards, duplicate characters amongst other things via illusions.

Problem is, these were fully realized/utilized. For example, Shadow at one point states that the duplicates Infinite creates are as formiddable as the originals. Meaning we could’ve had Perfect Chaos’ all over the place. Instead we just got Classic Sonic bouncing on his head one time & he’s done. And Fake Shadow being taken down in one go by the Real Shadow. At least Zavok & Metal Sonic put up more of a fight.

Then in episode Shadow, Infinite traps Shadow in a Virtual Reality. Creating a fake Rouge to deceive him. But Shadow immediately notices a flaw in the stories between the Real & Fake Rouge. With Infinite creating a Fake E-123, basically speaking through him.

So that begs the question as to, Why Infinite didn’t just create a Fake Sonic to trick the Resistance into thinking that’s the Real Sonic? Leading into a “Who can you trust?” story aspect. Just imagine, we could’ve had Sonic fighting against himself.

So Infinite had some good potential that just went kind of unused. And he still has potential if he was ever to return someway/somehow (since the Phantom Ruby was destroyed). Like for example, I seen a users suggestion (when looking around for what everyone thought about Infinite) that Infinite could have a rivalry with Shadow. Which I can definitely see working considering Shadow’s role in Infinite’s backstory. Of course,that’s where the other criticism comes in.

*Video by InBetweenGamer

But I can understand why Infinite acted that way, because he was with the Jackal squad for some time before coming into contact with the Phantom Ruby & joining Eggman. He’s likely had so many victories beforehand, that he didn’t know what it was like to lose (might be implied by fake E-123’s lines in Episode Shadow). It was also like the 1st time anyone called him worthless or pathetic. Causing him to absolutely lose it. Suggesting that he thought very highly about himself, which seemed to worsen after Eggman fused the Phantom Ruby to him.

And in Infinite’s theme, (which a number of fans actually do like) which seems to support this as it gives sort of a glimpse into his thinking post Phantom Ruby fusing. While also showing that he focuses a lot on his past.

And that’s pretty deep. Criticisms & personal analysis aside though, Infinite was a pretty dark & edgy character. Rivaling Shadow there & bringing some edge back to the series. He’s also seen as one of the better Sonic villains by the community. Being received far better than Zavok, which for some reason Sega just keeps using, again & again & again. Despite receiving very mixed reactions.

Going by Forces’ ending though, I don’t think Infinite can come back as easily as Zavok was. Due to not really knowing what happened to him outside of going with the Ruby. It’s possible a fragment survived with him or something along them lines.

The Phantom Ruby appeared in Team Sonic Racing’s advertising & sound in the music. But nothing in terms of story. A Death Egg Sentinel from Forces can be seen, but it’s unknown if Eggman built those or a result of the Phantom Ruby.

So I’d say he could return given the fact that Sega hs Infinite completely off limits to the IDW comics series for some unknown reasons. I don’t know, I just got a feeling that he’s going to be back after all the effort they put into him with the pre-quel comic, backstory, theme song, etc.

I made in Sonic Adventure 2’s ending, they made it appear that we wouldn’t see Shadow again. And guess what he returned for Heroes, Shadow & Sonic 2006 due to his popularity & added backstory.

Last thing to take into consideration is the games overall sales. Sega said themselves that the game performed strongly, according to VG Chartz the game sold roughly 1.5 Million copies physically across PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch. PC & Digital sales would likely make these numbers way higher. Which isn’t bad for Infinite’s debut game, it’s actually an improvement over the 1st 2-Sonic Boom games. Which both games sales combined was roughly 620,000 copies as of May 2015.


So again I think Infinite should be given another chance as there is a lot more potential to his character. Whether or not that includes the Phantom Ruby is another story. But in the end, it’s all really up to Sega. Knowing how they are, they likely will.

So what do you guys think about Infinite? Think he deserves another chance? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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