Sonic Movie: New Japanese Trailer With Baby Sonic!? New Sonic TV Show Possibly Happening?!

*Note: Article will be updated tomorrow with my full thoughts.

There we have it folks! Baby Sonic in the Sonic The Hedgehog film has been revealed! Thanks to a Japenese trailer & poster, we were able to get a full look!

Now I will say, this..feels kind of odd..seeing Sonic like this. I mean the film already gave us the separate eyes, but I never seen this coming.

In the new trailer we get to see much, much more of Green Hill Zone, complete with falling paths! Definitely having a Generations feeling, seeing Green Hill speed by!

In other Sonic news, in an interview from back in October. You know, when we heard that Sonic Boom was basically finished. Well the author of that article intentionally withheld a specific Q&A about a potentially new TV Show.

“ Do you think the popularity of these shorts could eventually lead to a full on show in the same style? Is the world ready for another animated Sonic TV show?

Yukio Kusumoto: I think the world is definitely ready for another TV show, and I would love to work on it. There are several discussions and this is coming from me personally […] I would love Sonic to continue, so I’ll keep trying to put more stuff out there.”

Why was this quote cut out? Why are we just now hearing about this? The whole thing just seems kind of interestingly odd.

So what do you guys think about this? What do you guys think about all this? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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