Sly Cooper: Sanzaru Still Interested, But It’s Still Sony’s Decision! Egypt DLC!?

Well, it’s been quite awhile since we last heard about Sly Cooper. But on a recent Kinda Funny Games Daily episode, Creative Director of Sanzaru Games, Mat Kraemer was interviewed by Greg Miller. And you guessed it, Sly Cooper was talked about.

And Kreamer had some interesting info to share;

“We love Sly. I’ll tell you a tidbit of information. The original first episode of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was suppose to be Egypt in Sly Tutankhamen and Egypt was going to be a DLC episode. That was the intention and we never got to finish that out,” he admitted, implying the game’s cliffhanger ending. “I do (& the team) at Sanzaru have the story and the whole episode done on paper form.”

“We would love to come back to that world. I hate leaving him there and it’s the question we get the most. So all I can is that if you guys want more Sly Cooper let Sony know. We are always ready to dig into that and it was a great franchise to work on. It was a great project.”

Of course, as always it’s up to Sony for another Sly game. And we can make that happen by letting them know that we want more Sly. Which we’re still waiting & waiting & waiting.

Concerning the Egypt bit of info. We previously knew that Egypt was going to be in the game, but was cut due to the PS Vita’s limitations. Now we know that it was intended to be the 1st episode & include Slytunkamen.

This is actually something I was curious about for a very long time, is “Why wasn’t Egypt included as DLC to finish the story?” Well that was answered in that interview, it was going to be DLC. But they never got to finish it unfortunately, whether that was because of the Vita, sales or what is unknown.

However, they do have the full episode “done on paper form”. Which can still possibly happen if Sony decides to approach them for Sly 5, so that way they’ve got a head start on the project if it happens. Well, the 1st episode anyways.

Provided that Sony hasn’t assigned Sly to another studio yet. But it’s clear Sanzaru hasn’t been contacted yet, as to why, we’re Not sure. But with the TV show coming who knows when, it’d make sense for Sony to release a game with the show. Whether that’d be Sly 5 or remakes like Crash & Spyro is anyone’s guess.

Or better yet, a Sly 4 Director’s Cut on current gen systems with the Egypt DLC level included. I’d seriously take anything Sly Cooper right now.

No matter how Sly Cooper returns, I hope it’s sometime soon (PS5 Launch perhaps?). As I think it’s time for everyone’s favorite thief to finally return from Ancient Egypt.

Just remember, the decision is entirely up to Sony. So be sure to let them know that you want more Sly Cooper.

So what do you guys think about this? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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