New Playstation State Of Play Set For Next Tuesday, New Crash Revealed There Instead? + Predictions

A brand new Playstation State of Play revealed & is set to begin next Tuesday, December 10th at 6 AM Pacific time & 9 AM EST. Earlier than the past few State of Play’s.

What could be revealed there is literally anyone’s guess?

My hopes; Ratchet & Clank (post Into The Nexus), Sly Cooper 5 (probably Not from Sanzaru Games, it’s been 6-years since Sly 4 released) and Jak & Daxter (it’d be amazing if it happened, then it’d likely to release for the 20th anniversary in 2021.)

But an even more curious subject, Crash 4’s reveal. Initially we thought it’d be revealed at The Game Awards 2019 next Thursday (after seeing the new mask, leaks & rumors). But with the Playstation State of Play coming just 2-days beforehand, its likely that Crash could appear there instead.

Reason being? Playstation’s involvement with the series since the comeback in 2016. Appearing exclusively in Skylanders Imaginators for PS4 & PS3. Then N-Sane & Stormy Ascent being PS4 exclusive for 1-year before coming to the other systems. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled getting PS exclusive skins & track, while the other systems didn’t get any whatsoever.




Then there’s the PS Time To Play ad, as well as the ad of the same name on different buses in the UK.

All that said, plus the association Crash has to the PS name, it would make more sense for it to be revealed at Playstation’s state of Play instead.

Now what about CTR:NF’s next GP? Well, this month it ends on December 8th. Meaning the next GP won’t be revealed or start in the 1st week of the month like the past ones. Likely it’ll be revealed during the State of Play, but there’s still a chance for The Game Awards.

Either way, both announcements will be coming at either around or at the same time. But why? My guess there’s something in common about both. What is is? Only thing I can think of is either the new mystery mask or Hasty (renamed from Fasty, a cut Crash character).

So what do you guys think about this?  Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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