The End Of Sonic Boom? Production Has Wrapped According To Recent Interview!?

Never did I think I would have to report on this news. Unfortunately it appears like Sonic Boom as a TV show or even the entire Boom series might be officially over. Which might’ve already been the case after nothing else came out after the show’s 2nd season 2-part finale. Aside from the North American DVD releases.

So in the above interview with ComicBook, Sega’s Director of Animation, Yukio Kusumoto. Stated that production has wrapped for the Sonic Boom TV Show.#🍁admin-chat - Google Chrome 10_17_2019 9_10_40 PM.png

Seemingly in the form of short-form content like Sonic Mania Adventures & Team Sonic Racing: Overdrive. Both of which were produced by Kusumoto.

These short-form content in the form of animated shorts are meant to be like companion pieces to the recent games. Sega’s had this idea for awhile, according to Kusumoto, but they didn’t have anyone to do it.

So it sounds to me that when they said “Production Wrapped for Sonic Boom”. Seems like Sega is done with Sonic Boom as a TV show in favor of animated shorts to release alongside new games.

Now if this affects chances of a new Sonic Boom game from happening, I’m not sure. If one did happen, then I can see Sonic Boom returning to animated form alongside this new game. Although shorter like SMA & TSR:OD. But seeing as the 1st 2 Sonic Boom games weren’t received that well, the 3rd game, Fire & Ice, was received much better & released 3-years ago.

Well, no new game has released since. So it just seems that Sega is trying to move away from Sonic Boom to give more focus to Modern & Classic Sonic. Add onto this, Sticks the Badger won’t be appearing in next months Mario & Sonic 2020 Olympic Games after appearing in M&S 2016 Rio Olympic Games.#🍁general - Google Chrome 10_18_2019 9_16_46 PM.png

However, Sonic Boom still appears on various official Sonic banners. How long that’ll remain is unknown.

The only way I could see Boom coming back outside of it’s own series is if the 30th anniversary Sonic game (which was teased earlier this year) was a multiverse crossover type of game. With Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic & Boom Sonic (maybe throw in Lego Sonic too) all being present.

Anyways, this was rather disappointing news (I’m not surprised after a 2-year silence on the series) as I was really hoping that this great & hilarious show would get at least another season. Giving other main series characters like Silver The Hedgehog & Blaze The Cat a chance to appear. Which could still happen if Sega decides to do animated shorts for it alongside a new game. Time will tell I guess.

It was a great series while it lasted. Here’s hoping it can come back at some point.

So what do you guys think about this? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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