Teen Titans Go! VS. Teen Titans Film Review: A Titan-ic Multi-Verse Adventure!

The OG 2003 Teen Titans are back in the recently released multiversal film by DC Comics, Teen Titans Go! VS. Teen Titans ! And that’s what today’s review is going to be!

TTG VS Teen Titans brings together the OG 2003 & 2013 Go! versions of the iconic team.

As a fan of the OG 2003 show, this film got me very excited about the OG’s highly anticipated return after the show got cancelled & Trouble In Tokyo released 13-years ago (also worth mentioning they appeared in the mid-credits scene of TTG To The Movies).

However, I wasn’t exactly a fan of TTG! because of the more cartoony designs, the character personalities being… Spongebob-ish? And lacking an overall story like the OG had.

But after seeing this film, my outlook on Go! has changed slightly. Seeing as the films humor & animation is in TTG’s style as opposed to using 2-different styles for the respective versions. This change in animation for the OG characters was a concern by some fans of the original as it felt kind of off in the trailer & clips. To me, I wasn’t bothered by it. Although, I will agree that it felt off at certain times, but those moments were few & far between.

The OG’s designs & personalities to me was spot on. And what’s funny is that throughout the film the OG’s seem constantly annoyed at their Go! counterparts that don’t particularly take things seriously. Except for Go! version of Raven, who like OG Raven has a main story focus in the film.

However, there were a few very minor inconsistencies with the OG’s. Like OG Cyborg’s reaction to Santa, some fans considered this out of place for him. But there have been moments where he’s acted similar in the OG show. So not particularly out of place.

OG Robin thinking of a plan out loud is kind of out of place for him. Seeing as he’s never done that in the OG show. But this is kind of minor.

OG Trigon was also made slightly more humorous this time around. Although, just for a few scenes. The other portions, he’s still his very, dark serious self like we seen in the OG show’s 4th season.


Speaking of S4, Trigon’s defeat at the end of the OG’s 4th season was brought up a couple of times in the film. So this film likely takes place between S4’s end & S5’s beginning. While at the same time, taking place during Go!’s 5th Season (which has been confirmed).

Terra’s death from the OG Season 2 finale (you know, when she turned to stone). Suggesting it takes place before the cliffhanger Season 5 finale, Things Change.


The film features 2-musical scenes, which I wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of aside from a few visual jokes in the 1st one. Above clip by betroth on YouTube.

Easily my favorite portion of the film was the entire sequence where the 2-teams were up against each other. At every turn, I couldn’t help laughing at these scenes. Of corse, the entirety of the film was hilarious & action-packed throughout.

The final battle was another major highlight for the film. As, being a multiversal plot, features numerous different versions of the Teen Titans. Basically a Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse situation, which I haven’t seen yet. Although I did see TMNT: Turtles Forever, which also had a similar multi-versal plot.

And of course the opening intro was great. Compared to other WB animated intros, this ones the best in my opinion.

Anyways, this film was absolutely fun & satisfying to watch. With great characters & story, action & humor throughout. Since there’s so much action, the 1-hour & 17-minute runtime seemed shorter than it actually was. Example being, I was already 1/2 way through the film and didn’t even realize it was almost over.

This film definitely has a lot of heart put into it, so that both versions of the Titans were faithful to the respective versions. All while giving both shows a great film that they both deserve. And, hopefully this film does well enough in sales to revive the OG show for either a Season 6 or a brand new standalone film that resolves the Season 5 cliffhanger.

So whether your a fan of the OG 2003 show or the 2013 Go! versions. Then I’d definitely give this a watch.

My personal score for this film would be a 9/10, as I had to, mark off a few points for the lack of hand-drawn animation for the OG’s. Again, the new style didn’t bug me.

This film definitely sits up there (in my opinion) with some of the best animated films of this year alongside HTTYD3. And also one of the best (personal opinion) DC animated films next to The Batman Vs. Dracula Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo.

Now for those who didn’t get the Digital Release, which released on September 24th. Will be available to purchase on DVD/Blu-Ray on October 15th from any retailer.

So what do you guys think about the film? Excited to see the OG Teen Titans finally return? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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