Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled: Nina’s Night Ride Datamine, Halloween Themed GP & Twinsanity Skins?

*Note: I also recommend checking out the above video as there’s details that I left out of the article.

Well another datamine for CTR:NF has been uncovered recently by none other than well known Crash Bandicoot Dataminer, BetaM. His datamining found the names of the next 2-GP’s in CTR:NF. Next month’s being Nina’s Night Ride, originally called “Spooky” in the last datamine. Then “Nitro Festival” in November. (Details in above video)

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BetaM also found some more skins coming next month, however most of them are mysteries for Nitros Oxide, N-Trance, Tiny, Tawna & Papu.

But 3 of those stood out to me. Those are the Howling Monster Fake Crash, Angel Cortex & Dark Coco all stand out to me as Twinsanity references for some reason here’s why.

Twinsanity is the only game Cortex had that as an animation.

Howling Monster Fake Crash, sounds to me like a take on Twinsanity’s Evil Crash (below image). If that’s the case, then an Evil Crash skin for Crash could be possible too.

Evil Crash Coco.png

The remaining one is Dark Coco, now who is Dark Coco. Well that names never been in the series before. A theory that’s going around is that it’s the cut character from Twinsanity being Evil Coco (above image). But there’s already an Evil Coco skin in CTR:NF via the NV Coco skin from Mind Over Mutant.

Why the name was changed I’m not sure, possible to prevent any confusion between the two.

Let’s not forget, that going by the previous GP patterns, this one’s start could line up perfectly for Twinsanity’s 15th anniversary between September 28th (US) & October 8th (EU). The Spyro & Friends GP ends on September 29th and October’s (Nina’s Night Ride) will likely begin just a few days after.

As for the track itself, since it being Halloween themed and possibly Twinsanity themed too. I’m going to guess the Academy of Evil level, which is a perfect fit.

So what do you guys think about all this? Excited for what next month’s GP has to offer? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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