Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated: 5-Things I’d Like To See!

What 5-things would I like to see in Spongebob BFBB Rehydrated? Let’s take a look!


  1. Rehydrated Mode:

This mode could work similarly to another game that has a similar feature. The game I’m speaking of is Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled. Which had 2-versions of it’s Adventure Story Mode.

Classic mode in CTR:NF is the same story mode with the same characters & karts from the OG game. Once a character is selected, the player must use that character throughout the entire Adventure Mode. Meaning, no swapping or using new characters (like Spyro), skins or customizing karts can be done during Classic Mode.

While in Nitro-Fueled Mode you get lots more freedom in the games Adventure Mode. Allowing you to use whatever character, skin or kart you want at any given time outside of races via the HUB worlds.

A similar feature could be utilized in Rehydrated, allowing the players to choose a Classic Mode to play the game like it originally was (newer graphics obviously). Or a Rehydrated Mode which might have quite a few new things added. Let’s say skins for instance.

But if this mode was to get into the game, then I wonder how the cut content would be affected. If it’ll be in both modes or just one, I wouldn’t know.


2. Hard Mode:

The reason I bring up a hard mode is because the game never actually had one to begin with. Despite having a cheat code to activate it, problem was it never really did anything. Aside from only a few robots the were affected by it like Ham-mer & others.

The it could be implemented could work like Ratchet & Clank’s Challenge Mode, which is unlocked after finishing the respective games. In Spongebob’s case, this could work the same way, minus earned collectibles & such being carried over.

spongebob movie game upgrades

3. Upgradeable Abilities:

I think this feature could be an interesting one to add into the game, which was from The Spongebob Movie game. But only if another mode is present to incorporate these into, like say a Rehydrated Mode. As including these and new collectibles to upgrade them would take away from the Classic experience.

Like say extended range & time for the Cruise Bubble, Patrick’s increased throw range, etc.

However, this one is the least likely thing that’ll be added seeing as it would affect the OG experience in some way.

spongebob remake 2.jpg

4. Day/Night Cycle:

Now this one could already be in the process of being implemented into the game going by this promo image from the announcement in June. It’s a nice feature that could add even more life into each of the games levels than we’ve already seen. Even having the Jellyfish light up certain areas when it’s nighttime.

Other games like the Jak & Daxter series make use of this cycle and it could work well for Spongebob too.

However some fans might not enjoy this very well, so I can see a toggle for the cycle being a possibility.

But going by the Pre-Alpha demo from Gamescom 2019, it doesn’t seem to be implemented yet. Like I’ve aid before all that was just Pre-Alpha, meaning it’s very early on in development.

spongebob remake 3.jpg

5. New Tiki Physics:

These were also not shown in the Pre-Alpha demo from Gamescom 2019, again it’s still very early on in development. In the promo from June we see Tikis laying in different directions that they land in rather than falling straight down like in the demo & in the OG game. Whether this’ll make it into the final game or not I’m not sure, but it’ll be interesting though.

So what do you guys think about all this? What would you like to see in Rehydrated? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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