Did Toys For Bob Accidentally Leak An Upcoming Crash Bandicoot Related Project?


Did Toys For Bob (the developers of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy) accidentally leak something Crash Bandicoot related? Well in the above image (thanks goes to Crash Universe on Twitter for capturing it before it’s removal), you can see various pieces of concept art.

At the normal view you can’t see that much, but if you enhance & zoom the image into the left, then more can be clearly seen.

spyro crash

What can be seen is several concepts for Crash Bandicoot characters. Like Dr. Neo Cortex, N-Gin, N-Tropy, Nitros Brio (mutated form) & Dingodile. There are 3-mystery characters that don’t look familiar to me at all from either the Crash or the Spyro universes.

The bottom image of what appears to be level art, but again I can’t make out much. Except for what appears like a font similar to the CTR text. I could be wrong on that.

What could all this concept art at Toys For Bob & Not at Vicarious Visions mean?

Well there’s a few possibilities.

  1. Maybe it’s for the upcoming Spyro Grand Prix that Toys For Bob collaberated with Beenox on. Hence some character redesigns like N-Tropy & Dingodile with a Reignited flare (pun intended). Problem is that N. Brio is confirmed for a later Grand Prix, possibly the “Spooky” track for Halloween. 2nd reason being there’s 3-mystery characters that are unidentifiable from either series.
  2. It’s for a Crash Bandicoot themed DLC world for Spyro Reignited via the Artisans door. It’d make sense since Spyro is appearing in CTR:NF, for Crash to appear in Spyro. Again giving Toys For Bob to give the Crash cast the Reignited treatment. And that these 3-mystery characters are enemies in this Crash themed world.
  3. Is that Toys For Bob & Vicarious Visions are both working together on a Crash & Spyro crossover game. Now I don’t think that’s very likely, at least not yet anyways. Reason being that both development teams are yet to make a completely brand new adventure for either series. Yes, we had Crash & Spyro crossover in Skylanders which both Vicarious Visions & Toys For Bob worked on but that’s besides the point.
  4. Toys For Bob is making the next Crash Bandicoot game instead of Vicarious Visions. I highly doubt that would be the case though. However, Toys For Bob could be helping Vicarious Visions develop the next Crash Bandicoot game.

So what do you guys think about all this? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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