Blueknight V2.0’s Kingdom Discord Server Is Open!

Well technically it’s been around for a few months now and I just never got around to posting it here. But here is the link for those who are interested in joining the server.

I created the server for the channel and for those who enjoy the content on my channel to chat & connect at anytime. Not just in the comments section. Well, there’s also Twitter for chatting too but I thought it’d be better to have another option for those that don’t have Twitter.

Just remember to read & keep to the rules. But most importantly, have fun!

And that’s about all I got for now, so stay tuned for more video gaming news coming to you at the speed of sound. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share or Follow for more videos & articles, as I’ve got more on the way. Until then you can catch me over at these places,

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