Spongebob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated: 5-Bosses That I Can’t Wait To See!

*Note: I recommend watching the video along with this article. As some details are explored in slightly bit more detail.

Well I already discussed my Top-5 levels that I can’t wait to see remade in Spongebob BFBB Rehydrated. Now it’s time for the Top-5 bosses in Spongebob Rehydrated.

Once again Gamescom 2019 is next week and with it comes our 1st footage of Spongebob Rehydrated on Wednesday. So that’s why I wanted to go ahead and get this out. Keepin mind, I’m only implying bosses from the original Battle For Bikini Bottom that’ll be in Rehydrated. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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#5: Prawn

In this game, Prawn is Mermaidman’s arch-enemy rather than one of the villains from the show that are mentioned in the boss intro cutscene, like Man-Ray.

Prawn is at #5, well Not because I dislike the character. I actually really like this boss and the short backstory that we got between Mermaidman & Prawn.

Like I said in my Top-5 levels article & video, Prawn is the trickiest mini-boss in the game. With several obstacles like Ham-mer bots & sound waves. The flashing floor lights are easily avoidable, but in order to use the bubble bowl on Prawn, you must wait for an opening in them. In the progress, the flashing floor tiles/lights create sounds that add onto the music for a unique take on the track.

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#4: Robot Sandy

The 1st main boss in the game, the Robot Sandy boss battle takes place in the Poseidome. Which 1st appeared in the episode “Neptune’s Spatula” along with King Neptune.

This boss is very straightforward, as mostly all you have to do is to keep your distance and wait for the boss to pounce and then bubble slam the ground. Which in turn causes the robots glass helmet to keep coming off. But with each round, the boss adds new abilities and gets slightly smarter. Well, maybe not.

Now in terms of humor & references, this boss has more of both than the other bosses. Including Patrick’s “Look, it’s a giraffe” line from the “Bubblestand” episode and Patrick Not taking the battle seriously at all.

Overall, this boss is both simple & easy, which is understandable for the games 1st main boss.

Image result for spongebob battle for bikini bottom robot patrick

#3: Robot Patrick

This boss takes place in the Industrial Park, which 1st appeared in the “Prehibernation Week” episode. The main goal is to rescue Squidward after being frozen by Robot Patrick’s ice breath, only for Spongebob to get frozen as well. Leaving Sandy to free the both of them.

Robot Patrick is also more difficult than Robot Sandy (obviously) due to more ranged abilities & being unable to reach the boss at certain points due to the arena being covered in goo the more you progress.

Then the only way to get anywhere with this boss (in phase 3) is by bubble bowling his weak spot after making him dizzy 1st.

Another detail that I like about this boss battle is not so much the boss itself, it’s the darker environment like that of The Flying Dutchman’s Graveyard. Although slightly less ominous or spooky looking.

Image result for spongebob battle for bikini bottom flying dutchman

#2: The Flying Dutchman

This one may be part of my #1 level, but the boss still managed to be #2 on this list, for multiple reasons. Including the aforementioned part of my #1 level bit.

One reason being that’s he’s the only spooky themed boss in the game and him teleporting around from one side of the arena to another adds onto this.

Another reason being is that this is one of the very few instances where Sandy actually interacts with the Dutchman in some way. The other instances (going by when the original Battle For Bikini Bottom released) were in Revenge of the Flying Dutchman & the episode “Scaredy Pants” (the Flying Dutchman’s debut episode).

Last reason being is that out of all the Flying Dutchman boss battles in Spongebob games, this ones easily the best of all of them.

I should also point out that both of the Dutchman’s abilities are taken directly from the “Shanghaied” episode. So I’d say they went a little farther with the references with this mini-boss than the others.

Image result for spongebob battle for bikini bottom robot spongebob

#1: Robot Spongebob

The final & most complex boss in the game, with new abilities constantly getting added per phase. Which seems to speed up slightly with each phase, making it the hardest boss in the game.

Not only that, it’s the only boss in the game that’s fought only by Spongebob, has 2-sections & has a secondary-ish boss with Robot Plankton (which sort of reminds me of the Dr. Cortex boss battle from Crash Twinsanity).

Image result for spongebob battle for bikini bottom robot plankton

Once you hit each weak point in as many ways as possible and Robot Spongebob becomes Robot Musclebob Buffpants (obvious reference to the episode of the same name), you then enter the 2nd stage which takes place inside of Robot Spongebob.

Basically what you do in here is simple, take out waves of robots and avoid Robot Plankton all while destroying Robot Spongebob’s fuses. Which allows you to finish the game & celebrate, well maybe not if you haven’t 100%’d the game.

This boss’ theme matches the final battle perfectly as it sets up this grand finale to this fantastic game. And it’s definitely up there with my top final boss themes in gaming overall.

Now if I could add something to these boss battles, it’d be at least 2-things. One being the ability to toggle on or off the fish announcer during the main boss battles. As he can get a little annoying sometimes.

The other thing would be if the bosses had some dialogue (voice lines) during their battles. This would be a small feature that would help bring life into the games bosses.

Well that’s my top bosses I can’t wait to see in Spongebob Rehydrated. What are yours & what do you guys think about this? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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