Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated: 5-Levels I Can’t Wait To See Remade!

*Note: I recommend checking out both this article & the above video, as I go into more detail for specific areas in each.

With Spongebob Rehydrated coming to Gamescom 2019 in just a couple of weeks. I thought it would be a good time t go over my 5 levels I can’t wait to see remade the most! To be clear this does Not include dedicated boss levels as that’ll be for another time.

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#5: Kelp Forest

This one’s at #5 because it’s basically one huge puzzle throughout (minus the 4th & final section)., that requires a lot of back-tracking & finding hidden buttons that activate several kelp stocks. This reason along with the darker environment than Rock Bottom, made this originally one of my least favorite levels because of how confusing it used to be (which no longer is). Plus the kelp slide section didn’t help either, especially since one of those times were timed!

It’s still an interesting level though and I can’t wait to see how it looks in Rehydrated. One change I would make is a slight increase in level brightness.

Image result for spongebob battle for bikini bottom rock bottom

#4: Rock Bottom

While this level isn’t as dark as the Kelp Forest, it still has a few of the confusing properties only upon reaching the main portion of the level (including finding hidden buttons). Then every other section is a lot more straightforward & simple.

The level also features quite a bit of references to past Spongebob episodes & general easter eggs. Most are in the museum via painting, but then there’s the candy machine at the start with the bus leaving. A reference to the original Rock Bottom episode.

Everything about the level, from the design & upside-down buildings to the starlit advanced darkness sky is all very well done. And I can imagine it looking great in Rehydrated.

Image result for spongebob battle for bikini bottom mermalair

#3: The Mermalair

This one’s very enjoyable & at 1st simplistic for the 1st section. Then it varies in the other parts, like the 2nd section has split paths, 2-Patrick missions (the 1st of which is hilarious).

The other Patrick mission involves turning 8-cylinders around, 3 at a time. I still haven’t figured out the right combination yet, but I seem to solve it faster each time due to luck. Now both this challenge & the giant metal ball challenge in the 4th section, used to annoy me quite a bit before. But became less annoying as time went on.

Oh and did I mention that this level features the only appearance by the villain Prawn?

Image result for spongebob battle for bikini bottom prawn

That’s right, Prawn is a mini-boss in this level, albeit the most difficult f them. Srangely enough, Prawn has Never appeared in any other Spongebob media since this game released.

In short, the level’s very fun with lots to do.

Now I’m aware that Mermaidman had a different VA in the original game (Joe Whyte) compared to the show (Ernest Borgnine, who passed away in 2012). Whyte could reprise his role as the character in Rehydrated. As for Barnacleboy’s VA (Tim Conway, who passed away earlier this year), I’m not sure who they’d get to voice him in Rehydrated. Only thing I could think of that they’d do, is take Conway’s voice clips for Barnacleboy from the original game & use them in Rehydrated instead.

Image result for spongebob battle for bikini bottom goo lagoon

#2: Goo Lagoon

As if it wasn’t already obvious, this level is water based (or goo if you prefer). Still don’t understand how there’s water underwater, but it’s cartoon logic.

That said, many of this levels challenges work around this main hazard, seeing as the characters can’t swim. And about the only challenge that makes working around this goo (water) annoying is when you got to bubble bash some balloons over the water on a few floating posts. Which isn’t much of an area to work with and provides only a few opportunities to pop them, provided your on the right post that is.

To me the highlights of this level are the; escape from the rising water in the sand castle & the entirety of the 3rd section (pier/carnival). Mr. Krabs really should’ve put Spongebob in charge instead of this task instead.

Definitely can’t wait to see all that in Rehydrated’s graphics.

Image result for spongebob battle for bikini bottom flying dutchman's graveyard

#1: The Flying Dutchman’s Graveyard

My favorite level in the game. It’s also the only level that’s completely original after being 1st appearing in the previous years game “Revenge of the Flying Dutchman”. Which I’m surprised they even gave the level another chance after what happened with that game. And Heavy Iron did an amazing with it in the original and how it’s going to look in Rehydrated (by Purple Lamp Studios) has got me very excited.

There’s more to this level than looks though. It’s the dark, spooky theme that’s present throughout and even reflects in the level’s music. Where a spooky, paranormal tone is mixed with the techy, robotic themes & maybe a little piratey theme as well. To me it’s the perfect combination & the best track in the game next to the final boss theme.

The 2nd section is a lot more fast paced compared to the 1st section. As you’ll need to swap between Spongebob & Sandy to finish the 2nd & 3rd sections. But of all the things I really enjoy about this level including taking down the robot pirate ship, which is easily one of the best parts of the level.

There’s the one part that I absolutely dread and that’s the abundance of wall jumps that are present in the 2nd section of the level. The 1st 2 I don’t have a problem with, it’s all the others afterward that basically either send Spongebob to his doom or have to climb back up. Then we reach the wall jump on a pole with turning wall jump sections that really tricky. With some practice it’s not a real problem afterward.

I can’t end this section without bringing up the character the level’s named after, plus one of the show’s best characters. And this level still reflects that for the Flying Dutchman. Including his boss battle, which to me is the best of the mini-bosses.

Now if I could one thing to this level it have to be the addition to the spooky trails that are present throughout the Flying Dutchman’s Graveyard in Revenge of the Flying Dutchman. To add another level of a spooky, haunted feel to the level. That’s about all I’d add to this already great level.

So what do you guys think about this? What levels do you look forward to seeing the most? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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