Crash Twinsanity: A New Game Or Another Remake? Should It Be Remade With Cut Content?

crash twinsanity cover

So a question that I’ve been asking for quite awhile concerning a specific Crash Bandicoot game. Should it get remade with all it’s cut content restored? If it did, would it really be considered a remake or a new game considering the cut contents inclusion?

At this point, most fans don’t want anymore remakes after N-Sane & CTR:NF. And I agree, as it could lead to the series being only associated with constant remakes & loses interest for when a new game actually releases.

But other fans still want more remakes and what better way to please both audiences than to take Crash Twinsanity to it’s full potential with the restored cut content. Which is something Keith Webb (an ex-Twinsanity developer) brought up in an open letter to Vicarious Visions (devs of the Crash N-Sane Trilogy) back in 2017 after N-Sane’s launch.

Now can it really be considered a remake (when counting restored cut content) like N-Sane, CTR:NF, Spyro Reignited or even Spongebob BFBB Rehydrated (interestingly enough, it will include cut content from the original game). Well, not really as it’d be considered more like a Re-Imagining like Ratchet & Clank (2016) PS4 or a completely new game altogether. Which I asked this over on Twitter & many seem to agree.

Unlike Spongebob Rehydrated (which we’re not sure on the extent of the restored cut content outside of adding onto the base game like Stormy Ascent did in Crash N-Sane), Crash Twinsanity would need MAJOR reworking from start to finish in order to accomadate all this cut content. Like the Gone A Bit Coco level, Coco being a playable character, a race section with the Komodo Bros. & so much more. Yes, gameplay & story would be affected too, including Cortex’s various 4th wall breaks like this one (video by ProsafiaGaming on YouTube).

So basically a brand new game altogether, with some parts remaining unchanged  possibly.

Add onto the fact the recent announcement of Nina Cortex being in CTR:NF. Meaning, with N-Sane & Nitro-Fueled combined, they’d now have just about every model of each character from Twinsanity ready to be ported over. Unless it’s a new engine of course, then that could be an issue possibly.

Now, should this game be remade? Well part of me says yes, absolutely, go for it! But at the same time, I have to say No. One reason being the game only sold 790,000 units across 2-systems (PS2 & Xbox) compared to PS1 CTR selling 4.79M units. And Crash 1 PS1 selling 6.8M units.

The other reason being is that even though the game was rushed, it still had a certain charm to it that made it so memorable (to me & I’m sure other fans) & unique. And if remade, it might not capture that as well. Or I could be completely wrong and they’ll surprise me with it.

So what do you guys think about this? Should Twinsanity be remade with it’s cut content? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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