Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled: 5-Exciting Things!

With the release of CTR:NF in less than 1-month, I decided to compile the 5-things I’m excited for the most in CTR:NF. So without further ado let’s get started.

#5. The Music:

The music in CTR:NF is not at #5 because I don’t like it. It’s simply because I haven’t heard much of it outside of the main menu theme, partial bit of the credits theme and a little bit of Jungle Boogie. But from what I heard it sounds great. Now I’m wondering how they’ll fit CNK’s theme in.

#4. Karts:

I really like the idea of customizing the karts in this game as you can change literally everything. From the parts, bodies, paint, etc. I’m not complaining about TSR’s customization though. But for me I’m not really going to use a lot of customization as I’ll be using the Team Bandicoot kart from CNK. Now I will make it look kind of Wintery if that’s an option. Maybe have a blue trail behind the kart to represent ice.

#3. Track Variety:

CTR:NF has tracks and arenas from both CTR & CNK, altogether that’s 44-levels. Including the mystery PS Exclusive retro track, so that’s 43-levels in the Xbox One & Nintendo Switch versions.

Right there’s a lot of track variety as there’s ice, snow, lava, sewers, underwater, desert. And so much more that if you name it, it’s got it. Plus you’ll find Easter Eggs in each level if you look close enough.

Now if you haven’t already checked it out, I also made a Top 5 CNK tracks list if you want to check that out.

#2. Gameplay:

Unlike TSR, CTR:NF is a simplistic kart racer. The gameplay looks great and reminiscent of the original. Now I haven’t played the original CTR, just CNK. And I very much enjoy the drift boost concept. It’s unique & simplistic and I like it.

ctrnf oxide edition render

#1. Characters:

This is my most exciting area for me in CTR:NF. As so far we’ve got 21-racers, compared to TSR having only 15-racers (again, Not complaining). But there may be more racers coming to CTR:NF in the form of Spyro, who is basically confirmed now.

spyrp ctrnf hint

And possibly CTTR racers too?

The characters are far more expressive than they ever were before, resulting in some funny animations mid-race and when winning or losing a race. Same applies to the podium animations.

Not only that, but there are skins for each & every character with their own unique podium animations. Not to mention, they look even more goofy than before. Some skins come from CTTR while others are brand new.

So what do you guys think about this? Please be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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