Sly Cooper: Let’s Discuss Clockwerk


So about Clockwerk in the Sly Cooper series, let’s discuss a little about him and the questions surrounding the character. Such as when/where he came from? Who possibly made him robotic? And Who is Bryner Noggin? Well I can partially answer that question now, he doesn’t actually appear in game and is likely a mech wolf.

In the above video, there are some areas I didn’t discuss into much detail, which I’ll try to cover a little more of in today’s article.

So let’s start off with where or when Clockwerk came from. Now we already know he’s from the Krakarov Volcano region. But did he come from this place in the past or the present? That’s the 2-possibilities I came up with. So let’s start with the present possibility.

The Present:

Let’s say Clockwerk was a thief and organic in the present. What if Le Paradox was to send him back in time like the other villains, let’s say Ancient Egypt but Not to steal a cane, but as a Plan B. Only after Penelope and her possible assistant Bryner Noggin (I mention Noggin as an assistant as he seems to appear in whatever time Penelope is in and that he knew something about Clockwerk in Le Paradoxes scheme) to make him robotic for this purpose.


But in order for that to have happened, it would’ve had to have been after The Hate Chip was destroyed at the end of Sly 2. Anyways, what if Clockwerk was on the blimp at the time Sly was sent to Ancient Egypt. But then how would that explain his appearance in the Ice Age timeline, however that could just be a mere Easter Egg for all we know.

So if Clockwerk was stranded in Ancient Egypt like Sly, it could make sense in a way or two. Seeing as this timeline is when Slytunkamen existed, who started the Thievius Raccoonus & Cooper Vault. So it’d make sense how Clockwerk knew about the book in Sly 1, but he would’ve still known about it if he was from the past.

The other way it makes sense is that Egypt has owl Heiroglyphs, which stand for the letter “M”. Now I’m sure some connections with Dr. M will be made here, but I don’t really think there is any outside of Dr. M possibly telling Clockwerk where Cooper was for revenge. But Dr. M wouldn’t have had any involvement with Clockwerk’s robotic form, seeing as Clockwerk would’ve been robotic (probably long) before Connor Cooper’s gang disbanded. Plus Dr. M specialized in genetics & tech, not necessarily robotics alone.

The Past:

Let’s say Clockwerk is from the past, like we would assume going by the games stories. That would’ve meant his beginning organic state could’ve been before the Ice Age period, however I think Sucker Punch might’ve intended for the Ancient Egypt timeline (again owl heiroglyphs). But the question is. How did he make himself robotic in those timelines where tech didn’t exist yet? Now I understand he was intelligent, but to do that I don’t know. And don’t get me started on those computers in Clockwerk’s Lair in Sly 1 as I can’t imagine Clockwerk actually using them.

Well there’s a theory going around that Penelope (maybe Le Paradox to an extent) could’ve used a time machine to go back in time to make Clockwerk robotic. But that would’ve meant that whoever went back would need to know when Clockwerk was still organic in order to do so. Probably before the Ice Age.

Now here’s the thing about Clockwerk in Sly 4, he’s a lot smaller. Well I 1st thought that he could grow his armor over time, but that was thrown out seeing as he’s still small in more recent timelines like the Wild West.

Which brings me to something I really wanted to include in the above video, but wasn’t sure where to place it. Well remember those robo-falcons (why not just call them owls, they sound like them) from Sly 1? What if those owls we see in Sly 4 are Not Clockwerk, but are these smaller owls that Clockwerk created instead?


Then there’s a picture in the intro of Sly 4, representing Sly 3’s Holland. With a shadowy figure in the background. Now this could be a bird or maybe Clockwerk. But if so, How did he get there? As this was after Sly 2.

Bryner Noggin:

Can’t really say as much as I did in the video, seeing as he doesn’t actually appear. All we have is that written text & mention in the Of Mice & Mechs episode in Sly 4. I understand his name is a play on a Sanzaru Games employee’s name just like Mat Kraemer’s in the same mission of Sly 4. But I have a feeling the Bryner had more to do with Clockwerk than we think.


Clockwerk’s Eye Treasure:

As you may know, there was a treasure in Sly 4. Clockwerk’s Eye, which was the only thing to survive after The Hate Chip’s destruction. But how or why was it sent to the Ice Age period? Or who sent it there? Le Paradox with the Grizz? Penelope or here possible assistant Bryner Noggin? I have no clue.

But I do believe that Sanzaru was going to have this big return of Clockwerk in the next game, at least until Sony decided Not to green light the next game immediately after Sly 4’s release. But if Clockwerk is in Sly 5, I only want the story to make really good use of him & a good explanation of how he returned. I don’t want him forced into it though,, it’d probably be better to have Clockwerk show up at the end of Sly 5 and have the story finish in a possible finale game Sly 6. I only want that to happen if Sony actually allows Sly 6 to be made.

Either way, I’m hoping the next game can clear up a lot of mystery around Clockwerk by answering these questions. I mean there’s far more questions I could come up with, just because of the mysterious backstory of Clockwerk alone.

Anyways, that’s about all I got for today. And what do you guys think about Clockwerk & his mysterious backstory? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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