Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled: 1st Look At CNK’s Inferno Island Track

All I can say is that I’m amazed at what Beenox did with this track! It may not be sunny like the original, but it’s great.

Okay so overall impressions out of the way, let’s do a small analyses (video may be added to the article later or I’ll post it in a separate article) on this footage.

So 1st off it’s a (Velo) moonlit night as opposed to sunny, which makes sense given the hub world in the original CNK was the same time of day. So this could also mean that Beenox is combining elements from the hub worlds and applying them to the 1st race of those worlds. Reason I say this, is because of the Velo moon & skybox originally only appeared in Terra’s hub world in CNK.

The bridge, obviously more detailed. But with flowers growing on the posts this time. There now appears to be lava and water under the bridge, which the steam on the left would indicate.

The main skull at the start of the race has undergone some changes to look like a face with a Ripto spike(?). And like with Jungle Boogie, more glowing affects have been added.

Then there’s the added fireballs coming out of the volcano, with the original track never having them. Now this somewhat reminds me of that one level from Wrath of Cortex in a way.

Anyways, What do you guys think about this? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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