Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Top 5 Crash Nitro Kart Tracks That I Can’t Wait To Revisit!

So in anticipation of CTR:NF’s launch, I put together a list (and the above video) of my Top 5 CNK tracks to revisit. So without further ado let’s start with #5, Clockwerk Wumpa.

Clockwork Wumpa From Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

So 1st off I really enjoyed Clockwork Wumpa in CNK, which is Not why it’s at #5 in this Top 5. Plus after seeing the remade version in CTR:NF, I like the level far more than I did originally. As it now perfectly mixes the Wintery and spooky, Halloween themes. But the reason Clockwork Wumpa is at #5, is because it was the 1st track in the game that started getting tricky. Not necessarily because it’s easy to get in last, but because of this one tiny spot after taking this huge jump. Upon landing and boosting, sometimes (not now) I would run right into a wall on the other side of the ramp where a glitch exists. Claiming you fell off the track when you clearly didn’t and this becomes rather annoying especially when your so close to winning. Now if Beenox can fix this little bug, then I may reconsider Clockwork Wumpa in a higher spot in the Top 5.

Image result for crash nitro kart out of time
Out of Time from Crash Nitro Kart/ Screenshot From Crash Mania

#4 Out of Time

I actually didn’t have much of a problem with this track or it’s boss (Norm). Except for those annoying Giant Sandworms (which act as this games equivalent to CTR’s Fly Traps), which’ll eat your racer when accidentally getting too close. Luckily it was a very minor & avoidable problem after a couple times. Other than that little hazard, there’s a giant anti-gravity clock section (it’s great) which I’m very curious how Beenox will alter it & other anti-gravity sections for CTR:NF (as seen in the PS State of Play trailer for Deep Sea Driving). Plus there are a lot of tight curves in this track, but it makes for a fairly enjoyable, simple & straightforward desert track.

Image result for crash nitro kart tiny temple
Tiny Temple From Crash Nitro Kart/ Screenshot From Crash Mania

#3 Tiny Temple

This level is hilarious named as literally nothing is “Tiny” whatsoever, just like the character it’s based on. The track itself is one of the few night based tracks in CNK (the others being Clockwork Wumpa & Electron Avenue) and I happen to like night levels. But unlike the other tracks I already ranked, this one’s earlier on in the game as the 3rd race. Which makes it one of the easiest tracks with a varying terrain, going from a temple to ruins and what appears to be what’s left of Nitros Oxide’s ship from CTR. Making it one of the best CNK tracks and probably the easiest one for Beenox to rework because of it’s very short anti-gravity section.

Whenever I hear about Crash Nitro Kart, this is the 1st track that comes to mind for me. Likely reason being it’s the 2nd track in the game, as earlier levels in games are always the most memorable for me. Which was why I was absolutely amazed when Sunrise Spring for Spyro 3 in Reignited was 1st revealed.

Back to the topic. The track itself is a dense jungle with abandoned Aztec-like ruins. And when Beenox revealed the above footage of the Nitro-Fueled version. This vastly iproved my already positive opinion on the track. With more details added than ever before. This track alongside Meteor Gorge are the tracks I look forward to the most from CNK.

Image result for crash nitro kart meteor gorge
Meteor Gorge From Crash Nitro Kart/ Screenshot From Crash Mania

#1: Meteor Gorge

Now we have arrived at my #1 track, I can’t wait to see for CTR:NF. This track is the perfect combination of everything I like in a track in any racing game. The icy/snowy conditions mixed with the medium-ish difficulty makes this my #1 track that I look forward to playing the most in CTR:NF.

Anyways, What do you guys think about this? What tracks are you excited to see in CTR:NF? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

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