Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: PS4 Exclusives, Nitro Kart Tracks & More!

Update: Thanks goes to VTNVIVI for finding this bit of information. Well apparently, in addition to every track from Crash Nitro Kart being included in the game. It would seem that every playable character will be included as well.

So during today’s Playstation’s 1st State of Play stream, we got a new trailer and new details for CTR:NF.

Now before I start discussing the latest CTR:NF news. I want to point out that Sly cooper did Not get revealed during Playstation’s State of Play. So I apologize for any false hype I caused. Well at least we’ve got PAX east 2019 later this week.

Anyways back on subject. We didn’t get Spyro as a racer yet. But we did get PS4 exclusive low poly skins for Crash, Coco & Cortex in the trailer.

The trailer also gave us our 1st listen to the remastered CTR credits theme.

Now for the most interesting part of all these reveals. For those who haven’t been able to play Crash Nitro Kart back on PS2, Xbox & Gamecube will now be able to. As all 13-tracks & Battle modes from the game will be coming to CTR:NF as well. now that’s an N-Sane amount of content!

Now onto the details about the game at PAX East 2019. The game will have 4-tracks playable at the Playstation Booth. 2-from the original CTR; Papu’s Pyramid & Sewer Speedway. And 2 from Nitro Kart; Clockwork Wumpa & Electron Avenue.

PAX East 2019 will begin this Thursday (March 28th) and continues through Sunday April 1st (not joking).

Anyways, What do you guys think about all this? Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.

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