Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: New Gameplay of Dingo Canyon, Crash Cove & Polar Pass

crash team racing screenshot

So we finally get our first look at some gameplay for CTR:NF across 3-different tracks. Alongside a new gameplay trailer.

So earlier today multiple different sources (including CrystalFissure, IGN, Gamespot, VentureBeat and others) started posting multiple single and multiplayer gameplays. With characters including Crash, Coco, Dr. Cortex, Pura, Polar and others.

And Beenox did a great job at rebuilding these levels as well as adding brand new details that weren’t in the original game (think Spyro Reignited). Like the bridges and Polar Bears in Polar Pass, which are new to the track. And now I wonder what other surprise additions will be included.

The music is slower paced in comparison to other racing games like Team Sonic Racing, which features faster paced music. Of course I get why CTR:NF’s is slower, because it was a PS1 game after all. And that meant slower speeds than today’s games. So the music had to closely match both the original and the games speed.

Anyways, What do you guys think about all this? Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.

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