Jak II Physical PS4 Edition By Limited Run Games Revealed, Extras, Available Tomorrow

So Limited Run Games revealed the physical edition of Jak II earlier this week after teasing it last week. And it is set to release tomorrow, January 25th. With batch 1 starting at 10AM EST and batch 2 at 6PM EST. This time around (unlike the 1st games physical release, which sold out after minutes of it’s reveal on the same day) everyone got a good advanced notice for anyone who wanted to get it.

The standard editions are expected to ship next month (Febrauary), while the collectors editions are expected to ship in March. And the number of copies for both editions have increased; 3,500 (Jak 1 was 2,500 for collectors) collectors edition copies & 7,500 (Jak 1 was 5,000) standard edition copies.

jak 2 physical 2

Now let’s discuss what comes with the collectors edition.

Reversible cover art (includes the North American on one side and the Japanese cover on the other side)

Foil Stamped Rigid Collectors Edition Box (same went for Jak 1 and also for the other 2-games)

Official 3-disc extended soundtrack (like last time, it’s the official release with unused demos)

Reversible 18″ x 24″ poster

Design book (just like Jak 1 and will likely include the other two-games, a deep dive into Jak II)

Red 16GB Flash Drive in the shape of  PS2 Memory Card

Foil Trading Card Set

3″ Antique Copper Seal of Mar (which is the item for this game, like the Precursor Orb was for the 1st)

Now the price is $10 higher for the collector edition that it was for the 1st game. The reason being is the 3-disc soundtrack.

Also a new free PS4 theme based on Jak II is now available on the PS Store. Which is available to everyone.

And again they want to remind everyone about the Jak 4 Mock Case to whoever purchases all 4-games. Which I’m still taking as a hint at a new Jak game.

One last note: For those who are experiencing glitchs or problems. I did hear that there was a patch coming for the Jak & Daxter PS4 releases. But when I’m not sure.

Anyways, What do you guys think about this? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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