Could Sly’s Return Be Revealed At PAX South 2019?

Note: Nothing Sly Cooper was revealed at PAX South 2019 this past weekend. But I didn’t realize that PAX South was a relatively smaller event compared to PAX East & Prime. Sure Sony attended PAX South, but other big names like Activision & Sega didn’t. Which is why Spyro Reignited was revealed at PAX East last year, because East (is also where the bigger studios make their reveals) was a bigger event than South. So the article and video aren’t completely wrong as there still is PAX East in March. Hopefully a Sly Cooper reveal will happen then.

Well since the Playstation Fiesta Bowl earlier this month, which Sony made sure to put Sly into anything related to Fiesta Bowl.

But a few more theories started up, involving Sly at the Fiesta Bowl. One of which includes Sly & Ratchet being possible PS Exclusive characters in CTR:NF. Since all 3-mascot suits appeared together, it’s likely. However that’s Not what today’s article is about.

Today’s article will be about Sly’s possible return, revealed at PAX South 2019. The reason for this is because there seems to be a familiar pattern here. The said pattern that I’m referring to is last years Spyro reveal, which was at PAX East 2018.

Now before the Spyro Reignited Trilogy got revealed at PAX East 2018 on April 5th. There were numerous leaks and teases before-hand, leading up to the reveal. Including a number of supposedly, leaked titles for the remastered trilogy. It started with those, then the retailers confirming it, followed by the Funko Pop Spyro & Sparx leak. And then finally the purple eggs that were getting sen to various people in the gaming community including IGN.

But this is Sony, Not Activision. So expect Sony to do things differently, in this case we have the Sly Trilogy remaster/remake rumor & Fiesta Bowl. Which they made sure to put Sly Cooper in all of the Fiesta Bowl related material this year.

PAX South could be where they plan to reveal Sly Cooper. As Sony is planning to attend this year with the biggest show floor ever, according to PSU (Playstation Universe).

Like always don’t go expecting a Sly Cooper announcement at PAX South 2019. I’m just saying that it’s very likely to happen. If not at PAX, maybe SXSW. But that’s probably Not as likely because I’m not sure how often Sony, Technicolor or PGS even attends the event.

Anyways, What do you guys think about this? Do you think a Sly Cooper could make his return at PAX South 2019? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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