Sonic Movie Teaser Trailer Shown During Paramount’s CCXP 2018 Panel

So the Sonic film’s 1st teaser was unveiled during Paramount’s CCXP Panel in Brazil. So it seems that the teaser has been received positively. With journalists reporting on Sonic’s new design is both cartoony that’s also textured and realistic (with some even comparing it to the Detective Pikachu trailer). But also saying that it’s the Sonic we all know, only realistic. Here are some of the Tweets and there are probably more. Please note that 2-of the below Tweets need to be translated over on Twitter.

The teaser is supposed to be short. Which starts with an up close of Sonic’s face, followed by him running on a highway, breaking the sound barrier and ending with the film’s logo.

But this teaser being shown this early, means that it could be shown soon. Probably attached to one of their upcoming films. Specifically Bumblebee, which releases on December 21st and that’s not too far away. Now originally I thought that the Sonic film’s 1st trailer would release during the Super Bowl in Febraury. But after the news of the teaser, it’s most likely coming sooner than we thought.

In addition to this the Sonic Twitter has been teasing “a small gift approaches” (which is next to the hint ring), that includes their most recent post. So is this a hint that they are about to show the teaser online? I’m not sure, but it’s about the only thing I can come up with. Now this is just speculation about when the teaser will release. So it’s not proven, but it is likely that it could be attached to Bumblebee’s release on December 21st.

Anyways, what do you guys think about this? Could the Sonic’s 1st teaser trailer be attached to Bumblebee? Do you like what’s being said about Sonic’s new design? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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