The Game Awards 2018 Begins Tonight With Start Times


December 6th has arrived and so are The Game Awards 2018. And here is a quick time-frame summary of when the show will start for different time-zones.

Now like any other gaming event it will be live-streamed by multiple news sites like IGN & Polygon. Also by various YouTubers like Canadian Guy Eh (whose live-stream starts at 8:15 PM EST tonight). Plus you can catch the stream over on their official website, as well as on just about any media platform including Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc.

Now I can’t forget that Insomniac & Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 has been nominated for quite a few awards, which we’ll find out which categories it’ll win.

So what announcements will the show bring, well we won’t have to wait much longer. But we already know that a Crash Team Racing remaster is basically confirmed to be revealed at the event. Now Playstation’s Shawn Layden will be a presenter for The Game Awards this year. So maybe we”ll get a new Playstation game reveal (calling it now, it’s Sly 5 or TV Show trailer).

Anyways guys I just wanted to post this quick reminder that The Game Awards begins tonight with the start times. And I’ll be back with whatever announcements come from the event, which’ll include the new Crash Bandicoot game reveal.

That’s about all I got for now, so stay tuned for more video gaming news coming to you at the speed of sound. Don’t forget to Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share or Follow for more videos and articles, as I’ve got more on the way. Until then you can catch me over at these places,

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