Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Molten Crater, Sorceress Cutscene Reveal, Ripto Boss Battle Teaser, Sanzaru Games Confirmation & More

So a lot of Spyro Reignited stuff was shown yesterday. So I’ll be starting with the Molten Crater footage from Spyro Year of the Dragon. The major difference in this level is definitely the boars, as they have this Puumba (from Timon and Puumba and Lion King) appearance to them. Now like most of the levels there is an increased amount of grass in Molten Crater.

Now onto what was shown by IGN featuring Ripto’s boss battle trailer. And part of the intro cutscene from Spyro Year of the Dragon with Bianca and the Sorceress.

I’ll start with the Spyro Year of the Dragon cutscene first. Now the cutscene is very well done and I like the Sorceress’ new design as well as Bianca’s. Another thing to note is that both Bianca and the Sorceress voices have different voice actors. The below Tweet is confirmation of Bianca’s.


Then the Ripto boss battle trailer was revealed and it looks to be one of the best boss battles in Reignited. Along with this new footage, we got a new superflame redesign for Spyro. Which is impressive compared to the original, which was basically just a color swap from purple to an orangey-red. Hopefully this new superflame design does carry over into Year of the Dragon with the superflame power-up gates. Because it looks too good to just be in one level.

spyro reignited trilogy updated back cover

Final subject of today’s article is the updated back cover for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Once again Sanzaru Games is on the back, maybe it was just for the PS4 version. Sly 5 hints? I wouldn’t say that just yet. But this does give us the storage size needed for the trilogy on PS4, which is 55GB. As everyone knows PS4 Blu-Rays can only hold 50GB, so it’s only going to need a 5GB Day-1 patch. So this tells me that a majority of games 2 & 3 are on the disc, this is Not confirmed but it would seem likely.

Anyways, what do you guys think about this? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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