MipJunior 2018: No Updates For Sonic Boom Season 3 Or The Sly Cooper TV Show

Alright, so once again there has been nothing regarding Sly Cooper or Sonic Boom’s 3rd season at MipJunior 2018. Since that happened, that still leaves a few questions.

Is Sonic Boom cancelled or renewed for Season 3?

Well since Sonic Boom didn’t appear at MipJunior 2018 doesn’t mean the show is cancelled, it could simply mean that it’s on hold. But if it is cancelled, then it could be because of Sega’s new animation that’s on the way. Then again this new animation could be Sonic Boom related, it could also be Modern Sonic related though.

What’s the status of the Sly Cooper TV Show?

Well that is still unknown, but it could be taking longer than originally planned to produce Sly Cooper. Perhaps their wanting to stay as close to the source material as possible. Let’s not forget what Brad Foxhoven Tweeted back in June, that the show was back in development after previously been in production. A theory is that Technicolor Animation’s engine is slow, which could also explain Sonic Boom’s case. Either way, if the show is expected to arrive next October (which is a year from now), then we should be seeing something by now. But now I don’t really expect anything Sly Cooper (Sly 5 or TV show related) until E3 2019.

I think anything for both shows getting reveals this year is very unlikely. As there isn’t really any other events in 2018 where announcements or reveals could be done. Since PSX isn’t happening this year like originally planned.

Anyways, what do you guys think about all this? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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