Skylanders Academy Season 3: Quick Thoughts On The New Season/ Possible Skylanders Cancellation?

So Skylanders Academy’s 3rd season has already been out for a couple weeks. So it is time for me to quickly post what I thought about the new season.

First off it’s just great, way better than the last 2-seasons. Probably the best episodes were the last-5 (Days of Future Crash, Off To The Races, Split, and Raiders of the Lost Arkus Parts 1&2) of the season. Of course there were still some highlights scattered throughout, like Flynn’s episode.

Speaking of Flynn, this version of him is largely unchanged. Therefore making his character the closest any of the show characters have had to their main canon versions. Of course they didn’t include his signature catch-phrase though, other than that they did a great job with the character.

Now Crash this time around is more like his game counterpart, whereas he’s more clueless and whacky. Plus his episode (Days of Future Crash) was really enjoyable compared to Season 1’s Crash episode. His new voice also fits him rather well. Of course there’s also Coco Bandicoot who only appears in the final episode, her character (like the other characters) was done really well (also makes me wonder why they only had Coco in just 1-episode, which leads me to think she might appear again later in another season or series).

Onto Dark Spyro, who is one of the best characters in this season. Like we knew before he was sent undercover for Strykore looking for a map to Arkus (which is where the Iron Fist of Arkus is located). Only to find out it’s inside a Wumpan Puzzle Cube, which cannot be opened. But every one of Dark Spyro’s plans usually always wind up in disaster and preventing him to finish his goal. But toward the end of the season in the Split episode, we see a battle between Dark Spyro and normal Spyro. Which seems to be the best part of the entire season, even though the battle was divided up into two sections. It was still spectacular, for the first time in the series it had that movie tone (aside from the Dreamworks level animation). Okay the final battle with Kaos had a little of that too.

Now about the only complaint I had with this season was that certain characters had very little screen-time than what was advertised over on the Skylanders Twitter account. Like Golden Queen only appeared in the Weekend at Eon’s episode, which was about half-way through the season. This also applies to Malefor (of course his appearance this time for some reason was a little gullible, but still enjoyable) and Coco, again both only appeared in 1-episode each. Now Cynder had more screen-time than the other 3-characters listed above, in 2-episodes. But I was under the impression that those characters would be more involved than they were, especially Cynder as they said she would have a “pivotal role”, as in more of the season rather just the end (I was also hoping we could see her Shadow Dash again).

Anyways other than that that’s about the only complaints I had with this season. Overall it was really enjoyable and perhaps the best season yet. Which leads me to the ending, which I won’t discuss because of spoilers. But it could potentially lead into the next season or a possible sequel series, if it happens. That is if the Skylanders franchise isn’t cancelled after the release of Ring of Hero’s later this month.


Why do I bring up a possible cancellation? It’s because Gamestop has been sending messages to their Skylanders Adventure Club members (see above image, provided by Spyro Universe on Twitter) that they’ll be shutting down the club. Along with that they mentioned that the Skylanders franchise would be ending, now this either means one of 2-things.

  1. Gamestop is just speculating that it’s ending or
  2. Gamestop got the info directly from Activision themselves

Either way if true this could also mean there are no plans for a 4th season of Skylanders Academy. But the new show-runners did hint that there could be a battle between Golden Queen and Kaos next season (which also hints that a season 4 is in the works). But Activision would ultimately be the ones to decide that, depending if they are cancelling the series.

It could also mean that it’ll just be Classic (Reignited) Spyro from now on and no Skylanders. So far we have yet to get any confirmation from Activision about this, until we do I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this.

Anyways, what do you guys think about all this? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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