Sly Cooper 5/ TV Show: No PSX Event This Year, When Will We See Anything Sly Related?

Okay so a few days ago Playstation announced that there will be no PSX event in Anaheim, California this year. With this announcement comes decreased chances of anything Sly Cooper getting announced or shown within the remainder of this year. But there are still a few events left that could hold some Sly Cooper news.

The first one takes place in about a week from now and that is MipCom/MipJunior. Now it’s not likely we’ll get a trailer for the Sly Cooper TV Show there, but it is likely we’ll find out the network it will air on.

The 2nd one is Paris Games Week, which starts in a few weeks. Playstation will be presenting the FIFA cup at the event, but if they’ll actually attend with new game announcements or a conference is still unknown.

Actually that’s about the only two events that could have anything new regarding Sly Cooper. But we are getting close to the 1-year time frame from the release date of the Sly Cooper TV Show, so we should be getting something soon.

Anyways, what do you guys think about all this? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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