Skylanders Academy Season 3 Trailer Features New Characters & Coco Bandicoot Makes Her Skylanders Debut

The trailer for Skylanders Academy Season 3 has arrived. And with it came more details about the new season, including new characters and surprises. So without further ado let’s get started.DARK_SPYRO_v003.2

First off lets start with Dark Spyro since we got the most footage of the character than the others. So we already knew that Dark Spyro was working undercover for Strykore to retrieve an artifact from the Academy. But what wasn’t originally known was that Dark Spyro and normal Spyro are two separate characters in this season (not sure how but they are).


Now onto the second subject about the trailer and that is the character of Flynn. Flynn’s design seems to be a mixture of his Trap Team and Superchargers designs but with some changes like the exclusion of his scarf. Outside of that though, the trailer perfectly shows Flynn’s personality almost as close as the game version. Even his character description on the updated Skylanders Academy website sounds almost exactly like the game version. So Flynn will probably bring a lot of humor into this season.

skylanders academy season 3 coco

(Above image from IGN’s video of the trailer)

Another highlight of the trailer was the return of Crash Bandicoot, which we also got to hear a little bit of his new voice. But at the same time the trailer introduced another Crash character into the Skylanders franchise, Coco Bandicoot. Now Coco also seems to have a different voice (Update: The official Skylanders Twitter account confirmed that Tara Strong will be voicing Coco in the show) than she did in the N-Sane Trilogy. Not only that, it seems the animators went with a slightly altered version of her Mind Over Mutant design. Now we just need Aku Aku and Dr. Cortex.

skylanders academy season 3 trailer

Now another surprise was the giant Arkeyan robot, which looks to be one of the best parts of the trailer next to the Malefor battle and the 2-Spyro’s battle. In addition to this, some of the trailers best parts took place in new locations not seen in the past 2-seasons.

We also got a glimpse of Kaos as a pirate captain with the Doom Raiders as his crew. Something else that I noticed was that Golden Queen didn’t appear in the trailer at all, which she’s the only Doom Raider that didn’t appear in the trailer. But she could possibly still show up in the new season.

There’s a lot more in the trailer that I wanted to talk about, but can’t without making the article too long. So I posted the trailer at the top of this article for you to see.

The new season of Skylanders Academy starts streaming on Netflix next Friday, September 28th.

Anyways, what do you guys think about all this? Excited for the new season? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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