Sly Cooper: New Statues From Gaming Heads With New Music From The TV Show?

As many of you probably already know that about a week ago, Gaming Heads announced two Sly Cooper statues from Sly 3. It’s actually the Sly 4 model with some slight recoloring. But I’m not focusing too much on the statues themselves, it’s the backgrounds and music that got my interest the most.

There were a few backgrounds that were taken from the Sly movie trailer, which leads me to believe this will somehow be marketing for the Sly TV Show. Then what really made me think that this was part of the marketing for the show was the music and release date.

The music in the above video does sound like Sly music, but with a different tone to it. I think it’s possibly part of the credits for the Sly Cooper TV Show. Another question involving the music was “Did Peter McConnell compose this track?”. Well VTNVIVI Tweeted at McConnell over on Twitter and so far no confirmation. But I think this track is for the TV show. Because why would they make music like this just for a 1-minute video? So it could possibly be a shorter version.

Now onto the release date of these statues. Their estimated to release between July-September 2019. If I remember correctly that’s around the same time the Sly Cooper TV Show will release, which will be in October 2019. That’s according to the official leak on PGS Entertainments website. It’s also likely we’ll have a trailer by then.

Here are the links to the pre-order page

So what do you guys think about all this? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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