Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4: Game Size & Length Revealed, DLC Release Date & New Trailer

(The above trailer is from IGN) So in the past 24-hours or so, we’ve gotten several new details about Spider-Man PS4’s DLC, Length, Size and a new trailer to go with a that.

So according to James Stevenson of Insomniac Games, the new Spider-Man game will be 20-hours in length. That’s just for the main story and some missions and tasks. But to do everything in the game it will take much longer to complete. Stevenson also revealed that the games size will be at minimum 45GB’s, with maybe an extra 5GB’s for the day one patch/update.spider man ps4 dlc

Now the games first DLC “The City That Never Sleeps” will launch on October 23rd and will be the first of three DLC’s that’ll release throughout the remainder of this year. The new DLC will feature 3-new story chapters, new enemies, suits and more. Okay guys that’s the end of todays Spider-Man PS4 update.

Marvel’s Spider-Man releases exclusively on PS4 next week on September 7th.

So what do you guys think about all this? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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