Spyro Reignited Trilogy: New PEZ Footage Of Sunrise Spring, Cloud Spires, Sheila’s Alp & Sunny Villa

Well another day of Spyro Reignited reveals has begun and it focuses a Lot on Year of the Dragon. So in the above video by PEZ.TV’s YouTube Channel (link will be provided below). In this footage we get to see Sheila’s Alp, Sunny Villa, Cloud Spires & Sunrise Spring. As well as some new footage of Stone Hill and Glimmer.

In the new footage we also get to see a few baby dragons from Year of the Dragon, which you may notice that the eggs hatch faster this time than the original. Everything was perfection including the gameplay we got from Sheila’s Alp which again came from the end of the level. In Sheila’s Alp we also got to see one of the mountain goats, this one could be Billy I’m not sure. The mountain goats do seem to be slimmer now, in the original they looked more rounded (what am I saying, we’re talking about low polygon counts back then). Anyways it’s still a nice improvement over the original.

The most impressive, but shortest gameplay, is Sunrise Spring. That was completely unexpected and it was perfection. I couldn’t believe my eyes once I seen the level, I was excited when I seen it. Because this is the first level in the game, this is the one I remember the most.

Anyways we got more gameplay from Sunny Villa and it’s skateboarding section, which is another one of my favorite levels. Like Cloud Spires we do get to see more character and enemy interaction. There’s so much to cover but there are videos over on YouTube that showcase more gameplay including an improved Idol Springs, which may or may not include the opening cutscene.

PEZ’s YouTube Channel:


So what do you guys think about all this footage that PEZ released? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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