Spyro Reignited Trilogy: HQ SDCC Panel Footage, Crash Twinsanity: Deleted Bug Run Level, Prototype Gameplay & Possible Remake

spyro reignited skelos badlands

Time to once again discuss the SDCC Spyro Panel that took place back on July 19th, except this time we got high quality footage. So let’s get started.


So a few days ago the official Spyro YouTube Channel posted the entire Spyro Reigniting a Legend Panel. Which featured everything we’ve already seen but in a much better quality. We got a cutscene of Nestor and another dragon, more gameplay from Glimmer with a slight glance at Moneybags. Plus we got a compilation of different levels in the game. A better look at Skelos Badlands and how the Spyroscope works. (I updated the article to include the full panel from the official Spyro YouTube channel)

Now onto a recent development involving a 14-year old game from the PS2 era. And that game is called Crash Twinsanity. The YouTube Channel, Gamehut, has posted a prototype of Wumpa Island and Jungle Bungle, which include many differences from the final game. There were going to be ramps to roll the Wumpa tree seeds, a spiny tortoise in place of the skunk, invisible logs and a deleted level called “Bug Run”. Bug Run was deleted about 6-months before the game launched for it’s difficulty. The level would’ve featured Crash running away from bugs in a Boulders style of Crash gameplay. Here are the videos of both the prototype and Bug Run.

I also forgot to mention that the owner of the Gamehut YouTube Channel is Jon Burton.Who was director of Traveller’s Tales (now known as TT Games) for 29-years. What’s more interesting is that shortly after that launch of Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, Keith Webb wrote an open letter to Vicarious Visions to congratulate them on the success of the N-Sane Trilogy. Webb also went on to say that he and some of ex-Twinsanity developers would want to be involved in a Twinsanity remaster. He also mentioned that he wanted the title to be at it’s full potential because so much stuff was cut from the game. Now like the above Bug Run level, as well as all the other cut content from the game, could be brought back into the remaster if it happens. Actually it wouldn’t be a remaster if they included all the cut content, it would actually be more of a remake. Or a mixture of both a remaster and a remake, as they would be adding things that were removed and remastering sections that were in the final game.

So what do you guys think about all this? Would you want to see a Crash Twinsanity remaster/remake? Let me know in the comments below.

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