SDCC 2018: Sonic The Hedgehog & Spyro The Dragon Panels Announced

Yes everyone you heard right both Sonic The Hedgehog and Spyro The Dragon will have their own panels at SDCC 2018. But what surprises do they have in store, that is currently unknown. I posted the above video for further information such as event times. So we’ll have to discuss what we do know. By the way both panels are both taking place on July 19th.

First off we’ll start with Sonic’s panel. Now at first glance of the panel description it would seem to focus on the comics. However upon closer inspection, they go on to say that they’ll be discussing upcoming games as well as “surprise announcements”, that part is what caught my attention. Just what could Sega mean by “surprise announcements”, we already know about Mania Plus/Adventures, IDW Sonic and Team Sonic Racing. So what else could they have left that would be considered a surprise, well it’s obviously something that hasn’t been announced yet. It could involve Sonic Boom Season 3, more small bits of info for the Sonic film or that Project Death Egg Sigma DLC for Sonic Forces that is yet to be confirmed.

Anyways now it’s Spyro’s turn. Some people including myself even YouTuber’s VTNVIVI & Canadian Guy Eh, have guessed that we could see footage from Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage at SDCC. Well we were proven correct, but my reasoning came from “what happens with Crash happens with Spyro” logic. Since Crash got a panel last year, I assumed the same would happen for Spyro this year and I happened to be correct. So the Crash/Spyro logic never fails. Okay back on topic, so Spyro will have his own panel at this years SDCC event. Guests include Insomniac Games members, Tom Kenny (voice of Spyro in the Reignited Trilogy), original trilogy composer Stuart Copeland as well as others will be attending the panel. Now as with Crash’s panel with Stormy Ascent’s reveal and release we could expect a trailer for Ripto’s Rage at the event. Now unlike Sonic’s description there isn’t any surprises at this one for the time being. Now the panel itself will give an exclusive look into the making of both the original and Reignited trilogies. Also the below video is a short video for 4th of July by the official Spyro Twitter, set in Dry Canyon.

Anyways guys what do you think? Will we see something new at either of these panels? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

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