Team Sonic Racing: Team Rose Announced, Sonic Movie & Crash Bandicoot Switch Updates


I’m sure many of you already know that Team Rose was announced for Team Sonic Racing. The announcement came during the Sonic’s 27th Anniversary Party at Tokyo’s Joypolis on June 23rd. Players will be able to play as Amy Rose, Big The Cat and four choa in one vehicle. (Really? Big and Choas, here I though Egg Pawns were poor choices) Chances are the remaining Team outside of Team Sonic, Dark, Rose & Eggman, will be Team Chaotix. Then where will Silver and Blaze be? It’s pretty bad that two of the series’ best characters are being put to the side for Choas, Egg Pawns and Big. I don’t know too much about the gameplay but I’ll get into that in another article.

Now there was a debate going on when Johnny Gioeli (Un-Gravitify for Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, Sonic Heroes Main Theme and Green Light Ride for Team Sonic Racing with Crush 40), said that Sega had no involvement with the Sonic Movie outside of licensing characters. This was later de-confirmed by head of Sonic Team, Takashi Lizuka in a Facebook message saying that he is involved with the film. Now this I’m assuming also means Sega is involved beyond just licensing characters. At least this whole thing got resolved really quickly, because this started to get everyone concerned that the film will not turn out good if Sega wasn’t involved.

Now onto the last bit of info I got and it’s the Switch Launch trailer for Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy. Now the graphics in this version seem to be enhanced since the Switch announcement, like in certain instances Crash’s fur stands out but overall it’s not that noticeable. Now the removal of fur textures doesn’t matter to me as I’m well used to no fur textures with the likes of the original and Crash Twinsanity. And the trilogy will be portable for the first time (I’m Not counting the PS1 classics on PSP/Vita), so the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy launches on all platforms this Friday. Now YouTuber’s like Canadian Guy Eh and GameXplain, managed to get an early copy of the Switch version to compare the graphics and they do a really good job at it.

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