Ty The Tasmanian Tiger: New Game & Why The TV Series Was Cancelled

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It’s been a while since we heard anything concerning Ty The Tasmanian Tiger outside of the PC remasters. So today I’ll be discussing the possibility of a new Ty game, but first I’ll be going over a quick confirmation of why the TV show was cancelled.

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Now I personally Tweeted Krome Studios (developer and IP owner of Ty) and asked then “Can you guys possibly confirm what happened with the Ty The Tasmanian Tiger TV Series? Is it cancelled and if it’s cancelled what caused it to happen? Did the cancellation have anything to do with EA or Activision?” In response I got this from Krome Studios themselves

I was actually surprised they responded back, especially that quickly. Now originally I thought it was because of EA or Activision, but that obviously isn’t the case. If they wanted to start making the show again they could as there’s a lot more options now than before like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. So at least we finally found out why the show was quietly cancelled. So that has come to an end after years of assuming it was cancelled, well there’s your confirmation right there. Now I did ask them if they planned on starting the show back up for release with a new game, if it comes, but no response on that.

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Now onto the possibility of a new Ty game, assuming it’ll be called Ty 5. Now it’s been implied for years that Krome Studios would develop another Ty game after the PC remasters are done. Since Ty 3 Night of the Quinkan is currently the final game in the series to be ported to PC, which should have it’s full release in December like the previous two games. Also with the success of the first Ty game on Steam becoming the top game on any list on Steam for a while, that could convince them to do another Ty game.

Now Krome’s most recent Tweet also implies that after Ty 3 is done that they’ll be working on the remasters getting ported to PS4, Xbox One and Switch. As remastering for PC allows them to work out glitches and bugs, also making the porting process easier for other systems.

“We’re cooking up some ideas for a future TY game but we’re still pretty busy with finishing TY 3 on PC to really get into it.”

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So a Ty collection could release next year, with Ty 5 releasing in 2020, possibly. That’s just a rough estimate though, nothing official yet. So I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s favorite Thylacine isn’t extinct yet.

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2 thoughts on “Ty The Tasmanian Tiger: New Game & Why The TV Series Was Cancelled

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  1. I wouldn’t mind a ty 5 but first I want to see a proper ty 4 game for the concils since in the steam version we don’t actually see what happens to fluffy tail after karlos picks it up instead we see a robotic version of her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t mind a 3D version of Ty 4, so them redoing it would be great before moving onto Ty 5. It’s just I didn’t think they would go back and remake a side-scrolling game into a traditional 3D Ty game. But anything is possible and I hope it happens.


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